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What’s the Big Deal? – A Look at Large Format Tile

Tile has been around as long as any other building material, but trends in color and shape come and go as quickly as the seasons. One tile trend that made a big entrance in the design world, in more ways than one, is large format porcelain tile. This trend is sure to become a quick classic. This streamline tile works in any style whether it be mid-century, traditional or contemporary.

While floors are the natural choice for large format tile to be applied, they are not the only place this tile can shine. Let’s take a look at all the ways this timeless tile can be used!

Fireplaces – A grand scale tile deserves a grand scale space. Fireplaces are a great way to showcase textures and even patterns that the tiles create as a whole. The photo below is a great example of grout lines that are hardly seen so as not to interrupt the pattern on the tile itself.

Bathrooms – Large scale tiles can be great when applied to shower walls, as a feature wall behind the vanity, and even as wainscoting. They’re easier to clean than smaller scale tiles with fewer grout lines! The example below appears is nearly seamless.

Home Design Inspiration: Elegant, Crisp, and Refined | Interior Design Dallas | Barbara Gilbert Interiors

Kitchens – We’re seeing kitchen backsplashes in large format tile more and more! It can be cheaper than a full stone slab backsplash with the same amount of cleanability. Plus the sleek look will last for years to come!

Laundry and Utility – Take your laundry or utility room up a notch by going for a larger tile. It will look more streamline than generic 12″X12″ tiles and at the same cost!

One of the biggest advantages of larger scale tiles is that they offer a bigger surface area for more unique patterns and designs that might not be found in smaller tiles. So instead of each individual tile creating a pattern, the tile itself has pattern (as seen in the fireplace picture above and the close up below!). However, large surfaces like floors and tall fireplaces can really showcase a pattern created by laying the tiles in herringbone or other designs. This is more subtle application of pattern, but it’s just as effective.

Home Design Inspiration: Elegant, Crisp, and Refined | Interior Design Dallas | Barbara Gilbert Interiors
A detail of the fireplace tile surround.

Large format tile is sure to remain a big hit in the design world. What are your favorite tile trends? Let us know in the comments!

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