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The Adaptability Of A Flex Room

Rooms, or spaces, available for a number of different functions are called a considered ‘flex rooms.’ Also called a bonus room or multi-purpose room, they can be an entire room or even just a specified area in another room. Many homes are creating a flex area into the floor plan – one that is not designated a bedroom.  The beauty of a flex room is that it provides the homeowner with a plethora of options and flexibility depending on what is going on at that particular time of their life.  The following are a few ideas for our favorite flex...

Backyard Entertaining Planning Begins Now!

I know, I know, winter is not yet over. In fact, we just had some pretty crazy freezing weather around the nation. Texas got an astronomical amount of it to say the least! I went without electricity in my home for almost 3 days. But there is hope… spring is right around the corner. This too shall pass, right? ;) This is my mantra as of late! To keep our minds off all the frigid temperatures, let’s talk about outdoor entertainment areas.  What are the projects that we need to plan for, items to get ordered, and construction to get scheduled...

Top Interior Design Trends for 2021

Today we are giving you the inside scoop on some of the up-and-coming interior design trends. We are welcoming the new – the latest on home office spaces, wood-grained and touch-open cabinetry, soft cozy fabrics, and touch-less faucets. These design trends range from the oldest material known to man, all the way to the latest in modern technology.    Dedicated home office or multi-use space. With all that has been going on in the world, many of us have experienced bringing our work home. In doing so, we need a dedicated space to work, which has inspired many of us...

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