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Front Door Roundup

The front door. It’s part of your home’s curb appeal and the first impression someone has of your home. As people drive by or walk up to it, it makes a statement - whether good or bad. The front door holds so much possibility of what might lie behind it – a friendly family, secure safety, deep conversations, warm meals, refreshing slumber, and more. The anatomy of a door consists of three parts. The first is the door slab which includes the rails and panels, the lock system, hinges, and optional glass portion. The second is the door sill which...

The Art In Your Home

Art is very personal, and each piece has a certain power to draw people to itself through its content, color, style, and texture. When choosing art for your home, there are many considerations to be made. Consider the size of the piece you need, which colors you want to compliment the particular room’s decor, and if you want it to be the focal point that draws your focus. OR, do you want the artwork to stand on its own and not necessarily be confined to the color palette in the room? So which types of artwork are there? Original –...

Make Your Wine Cellar A Focal Point In Your Home

It’s true, when I used to think of a wine cellar, I pictured an underground, almost cave-like room full of vats, barrels, and, of course, bottles of wine. And it may have been that way in days past, but now, many homeowners are requesting the wine cellar a focal point in their home design plans. A wine cellar protects your wine from humidity, temperature, and light to provide the perfect atmosphere to age properly.  In the home, a wine cellar can be as small as an under-the-stairs wine nook to as big as a large basement alcove. If you have,...

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