design in a binder

BGI’s Design in a Binder is a DIYer’s dream come true for great interior design. With this program, our team will give you everything you need to create a BGI inspired design.

Design in a Binder is a perfect option if you like to roll up your sleeves and manage your own design project but need our expertise in creating a design plan. DIAB is also a great solution if you want to design your home one room at a time or if you’re trying to stick to a particular budget but still want a great looking space. You get to implement the plan for your project when time and money permit.

Purchase any of our room types, provide us with measurements and inspirations, and BGI will create a design just for you. We’ll send you a beautiful curated box with your personalized Design in a Binder that has everything you need to make your dream room come true!

How long before I receive my Design in a Binder?
Your Design in a Binder should arrive in less than three weeks once we’ve received all of the information about your project. If your project consists of multiple rooms, we may require a few additional weeks to complete the design.

What if I have questions after I receive my Design in a Binder?
Just ask! Shortly after you receive your Design in a Binder, we will get in touch with you in case you have any questions or concerns. You’re also free to contact us by phone or email anytime.

What if there’s something in my design I don’t like?
The beauty of Design in a Binder is that you’re free to implement as little or as much of the design as you’d like. If you don’t care for an item we’ve selected, simply don’t buy it. You will be provided with the measurements of each item so you can simply select something else. Of course, if there is a large aspect of the design that you’re not pleased with, we’ll be happy to work with you to revise the design. However, revisions will be made at an additional cost.

How can you determine what I really want and need without meeting me?
We’ll have an initial phone conversation and then we’ll ask you to fill out a questionnaire that lets us get to know you better, including your likes, dislikes, and style preferences.

How can you be sure the furniture will fit?
If you follow the measurements and photo instructions carefully, we will be able to create an accurate space plan for you utilizing computer software that allows us to draw your furnishings to the correct scale.

Can you use any of my existing furniture and accessories in the design?
Of course! Just send us pictures and measurements of any items you would like us to incorporate into the new design and we’ll do our best to use them or alter them in a manner that works.

How difficult is the design to implement on my own?
We provide you with everything you need to implement the design on your own with ease. With the materials provided in your binder, you’ll know exactly what to buy, where to buy it, and how to arrange or install it in your space. We’re also just a phone call or email away if you need assistance.

DIAB projects are created by the Barbara Gilbert Team and reflect the same design aesthetic as Barbara’s full service interiors. You’ll provide us with your room measurements and inspiration images, plus your answers to our design style questionnaire and we’ll take it from there.

After we’ve reviewed and created a design plan for your space, you’ll receive a beautiful box with all your design essentials to get started on your project. Your box will include your custom designed binder with all the details about your project, including a floor plan, a packet of reference materials like paint swatches and fabric samples, a shopping list, and instructions for making it all come together.

All selections made in Design in a Binder projects are available for purchase online or in local shops, as opposed to the custom and trade-only options used for BGI’s full-service design clients. You decide what items you want to buy and when you want to buy them.

Design in a Binder also offers custom drapery and throw pillows as a purchase option to add some exclusive designer style to your project. We’ll select the fabric from our collection of designer patterns and have the window treatments or pillows fabricated and shipped to you.

Purchase the room or rooms you want design services for by calling 214-641-7897. Prices provided upon request.

Complete our design questionnaire, take photos and measurements of the space(s) that you purchased, and gather any inspiration images that will help us better understand your design style. If you use Pinterest or Houzz, we’d love to see your pins and idea boards.

Once we have received all of the above mentioned items, we will contact you for a telephone design consultation.

Sit back and relax! In less than 3 weeks, you’ll receive your complete Design in a Binder package and be well on your way to a fabulous new room. We’ll follow up with you just in case you have any questions about the design or how to implement it.