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Home Offices: Function Equals Form

Who puts much thought into a home office? A library or den with a grand fireplace calls for furniture and fine art. But that extra bedroom you decided would make a great craft room or work space often gets little more than the essentials of a desk, a chair, and maybe some art pieces that didn’t fit anywhere else in the house. These are the catch all rooms where things from wrapping paper to family documents go. But how do you make these spaces functional and enjoyable to be in? Because let’s face it, that desk often turns into another shelf.

Storage is the key. But throwing a bunch of drawers into a room won’t do any more than add to the stuff already taking up space. Take into account the kinds of things you’ll be storing. A variety of sizes and shapes is essential. Alongside traditional file cabinets, add in larger storage or spaces that can hold less common items such as sewing machines or half-finished crafts. This can be achieved with closed storage cabinets or tall bins for things that don’t need to be accessed regularly but need to be out of the way. Choose storage that is tasteful, too! Form doesn’t always have to be over function! You may find you like organizing or working if it’s a pleasant place to be.

Next, take into account that the collection will likely grow. Storage that perfectly fits everything you currently own will seem marvelous in the moment but will do little good when new things have nowhere to go and the problem starts all over again. If storage space is maxed out and no more can be added to the room, it’s either time to move some things out of the room and find them a new home, or spring cleaning is upon you no matter what season it may be!

Consider the fact that this room should be a place you want to be. Make it comfortable. Add a piece of art you really love. Put more thought into the chair. Comfortable seating is important. Picking a chair that you truly like to be in can be all the motivation it takes to sit and get things done. Create an environment that’s calming or motivating. Start a routine that involves the room. Make tea, grab that special blanket that you always take in with you, have your favorite notebook and pen handy, or listen to your favorite music. Make it a place you like to go to. A place that holds the purpose of productivity.

Before you know it that extra room has become a place of function, comfort, and motivation!

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  1. jay says:

    Wonderful thoughts and yes Feeling of working in the office is important for environment.

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