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Cabinet Styles: What’s the Difference?

When it comes to selecting cabinets, it often seems like there are two styles that run through people’s minds first: Traditional and Modern. Everyone can picture what they each look like and they’re miles apart in style. But there are all kinds of cabinet options to play with that can make your kitchen, bathroom and even your mud room shine! Let’s break down the different kinds of cabinets.

First, we’ll start with the cabinet door style itself.

Slab Panel – This is the most common style used in contemporary design. The simple, flat panel is timeless and clean and looks great in any color or finish!
Raised Panel – This is the most common style in traditional design and some transitional design, too. Coves and molding are shown on the panel and add interest.
Recessed Panel – Shaker cabinet doors are a common choice for this style. They’re clean and add a little more interest than a flat slab door. This is popular in transitional design.
Open Frame – This style allows a glass panel to be added to the center of the door. Reeded, back painted and clear glass are some of the most popular looks in recent years.
Mullion Frame – This also allows for glass to be integrated into the design of the door, but with a bit more interest added as frames break up the smooth surface of the glass.

Next, let’s take a look at how the cabinet doors look as a whole.

Full Overlay – (A personal favorite!) For this style, cabinet doors are close together with a small gap in between the panels and the doors sit on top of the main body of the cabinet. Slab panel doors are most often designed in this style as it allows the cleanest transition from panel to panel.
Partial Overlay – For this style, cabinet doors are farther apart with a more substantial gap between the panels. The door still sits on top of the main body of the cabinet.
Inset – For this style, cabinet doors are flush with the main body of the cabinet.

There are other aspects of selecting or designing cabinetry that can make a big impact in a space. Taking upper cabinets (including mud rooms, linen closets and head knockers over toilets) all the way to the ceiling is a big trend this year and it’s easy to see why. Not only do you get more storage for seasonal items or things you don’t use very often, but it makes even a small space feel taller. Plus, the tops of the cabinets won’t collect any grimy dust!

Choosing a different color for an island, lower cabinetry, or a vanity is always a winner! Light uppers and darker lowers make a kitchen feel taller than it really is, and dark cabinets in a big space can make a big impact without feeling cramped. Go for that deep green or sunny yellow! It’ll really pop next to a calmer color like white or natural wood and make that color feel even more special. If you don’t want the commitment of a colorful kitchen, a colorful vanity or mud room is a fun surprise and easier to switch out in a few years!

What is your favorite cabinet style? Are you open to a lot of color? What color would you really love to try in your kitchen or bathroom but haven’t made the leap to try? Let us know in the comments!

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