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Wallpaper is Here to Stick Around!

One of the biggest impacts on a room are the very walls (and ceiling) that create it. Whether those walls are textured or smooth, painted a crisp white or a bold color or two or there’s wainscoting added or molding throughout one thing is certain to stick around, literally, and that’s wallpaper. It’s been as much as a bad word in the past but designers everywhere are utilizing this material in a range of designs to add individuality and a fresh perspective to their client’s homes. I would be remiss if I didn’t mention how much we love using wallpaper at BGI!!

We used a Robert Allen fabric to upholster the wall to help the shade blend into the design.

While trends in wallpaper change every year in terms of color, style, and even texture, this trademark in the design industry can have the biggest impact on a room and drastically transforms any space. It acts as its own piece of art, often becoming the cornerstone for the other pieces placed in a room. The options for wallpaper have also increased dramatically over the last decade or so. From natural fibers like grass and cork, to papers made with beads and even minerals.

We used a heavy metallic textured wall covering on the ceiling and a small pattern metallic on the walls in this formal dining room.

With more eco-friendly and green solutions being put on the market, wallpaper has continued to stay on trend even outside of what it looks like. Fire-resistant, stain resistant, and waterproof wallpapers have also become more mainstream. The biggest aspect to keep into consideration when selecting wallpaper is the use of the room it is going in. Does it need to be durable and wipeable vinyl in a powder bath with lots of traffic or can it be a natural grasscloth material that isn’t durable at all but a beautiful layer added to the space? This is where a designer can help guide you to your selection and making the right one for the particular room.

We selected a serene green silk look for this master bedroom design.

Wallpaper is definitely one aspect of the interior design world that is going to stick around indefinitely….and we’re not sad about it at all!


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  1. Sally says:

    This is great information Amy! thanks for sharing!!

    1. BGI admin says:

      Thank you so much for reading and for your kind comments Sally! Hope you enjoy the next entry!!

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