Helpful Tips : Accessorizing Your Home!

Follow these helpful BGI tips for a surefire way to accessorize without over doing it!

When you’re at the point of adding accessories to your home, the task can seem a bit daunting to say the least. But, there are some helpful tips that can really guide your decisions and keep you from stressing over the little things! After all, you’ve made it this far! And it’s these final things that not only make your home complete, but can close the chapter on the long road leading up to this moment!

A few things to consider when selecting accessories include contrast, scale, and balance. Though there are so many other things to take into account, sticking to these three simple words can simplify the process and make it less of a challenge. So, how can these be applied?

Contrasting pieces add dimensions to a collection. Pairing dark with light, or neutrals with colors that pop are great ways to create a truly interesting look! Make sure to change things up texture wise, too. There is such a thing as too much glass or too many vases! Use pictures, pieces of wood or other natural items for more variety. Changing the scale between pieces adds another layer. Putting larger pieces with smaller ones can also add height, especially to mantels or shelves with lots of space to fill. Walls don’t always need to be filled with canvases when tall vases or plants can be a different way of filling that space! Balance between all these things can come with contrast and scale.

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However marvelous balance is, asymmetry and monochrome aren’t bad things! Putting a tall vase one one side of a mantel doesn’t mean you want one on the other end, quite the contrary in a lot of cases! As shown in the picture above, monochrome has its shining moments as well as contrast! Neutrals have their place alongside colors. And accessorizing can be as simple or whimsical as you desire. Have fun with it!

What are your favorite ways to accessorize? Minimalism or maximalism? Lots of color or neutrals? Let us know in the comments!