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No Fabric-ation: Tricks and Tips for Shopping for Upholstery That Will Last

When it comes to maintaining an active lifestyle, we always put our best foot forward and give 100% to everything we do. So why shouldn’t we expect the same out of our furniture? To start shopping for performance upholstered furniture, there are a few things to keep in mind; the most important being UV Resistance, Durability, and Liquid Repellency. So often we lean towards fabrics that are soft and plush in the moment without considering their wear and tear down the line. As designers we put extra care into selecting both sustainable and beautiful fabrics for our BGI clients that will be provide value for your investment years down the road.

Even fabrics that are not inherently stain resistant can be protected by local treatment companies we work with so that you still have that stress free living. Stay away from fabrics with Rayon content and rugs with Viscose however as they do not work well with treatments!

Whether it be featured in your living room or your back patio, having fabrics that meet the standards for sunlight resistance will prevent fading and sun damage. When choosing a color scheme, take into consideration the layout of your space and choose fabrics with a fiber content that were designed to block the sun’s rays.

Everyone loves the look of a new sofa. It gives the space the “magazine ready” appearance we crave. When selecting fabrics for furniture, inquire about the durability of the fabric. Choose a material that can withstand a minimum of 20,000 double rubs and this will prevent fabric from looking worn and having the “broken in” look. Although we like to say the higher the better!

This kid’s hang out doubles as a homework room and full of highly durable performance fabrics that the parents do not have to worry about for a room that may be out of their site most of the time.

Nothing sounds better than curling up on the sofa with family after a long day. It’s very important to select fabrics that have a strong repellency that can withstand spills and potential stains. When buying furniture, research the care and maintenance of the fabric and stay away from fabrics that have a loose weave that is not treatable.

There are many reliable brands that feature these performance ready qualities that we expect out of our furniture. Fabrics with Crypton, Sunbrella, and Inside Out labels were designed to meet these standards and provide homeowners with quality pieces that are sure to last. But know that not all of these brands/labels provide the same protection and it’s important to know the difference. Using these tips will save time and money when redecorating, and this is where a designer can come in and make a space beautiful AND functional. A designer is familiar with what qualities each brand provide and match them up with the way the fabric will be used in a space.

We used a highly durable faux leather vinyl for this ottoman to give this family ease of mind when they gather around their living room. It can simply be wiped clean with a damp cloth and followed up with a dry cloth.

If you are wanting to update a space in your home or office that needs performance fabrics and materials, reach out to the BGI team to help you navigate and put together a grouping of selections that will not only be beautiful and comfortable but also functional and stress free!


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