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We’ve Got You Covered: How To Select Your New Rug

When choosing a rug for your space, it is important to consider more than just color and placement. Construction and content are key aspects to selecting a rug that is timeless and will last through busy family life for years to come. Here are a few home friendly fiber materials to look for as well as materials to avoid when choosing that perfect family friendly rug. 

Polyester/Polypropylene- GOOD

Polyester and Polypropylene rugs are made from synthetic materials that are quick to dry and most resistant to liquids and sunlight. Being created from recycled plastic, they are designed to give you that look of designer rugs on a various range of budget friendly price tags. Cleanup is simple and can be achieved by spot cleaning or running the vacuum overtop for lasting durability and color preservation. Machine Made Polyester/Polypropylene rugs are made by operated power looms that wrap the fibers more quickly than a hand loom and are easily recognizable by the latex padding underneath. Machine made rugs are some of the least expensive options and because of their durability are a great go to choice for heavy traffic areas and homes with kids and pets!

Viscose- AVOID

Viscose, also known as Rayon, is a variant of silk that often draws attention due to its shininess and appealing softness. It is not a natural fiber ideal for families that have high traffic in their living space due it its inability to maintain its appealing aesthetic when given access to direct sunlight or liquids. Viscose rugs are not known for their easily clean-ability and can be easily damaged by way of unprofessional machinery or store bought cleansers.  We really try to stay away from viscose rugs and it’s getting easier as manufacturers are realizing the consumers frustration with this material. Plus, there are several great new alternatives that will give you the same look like Olefin but with durability.

Wool- GOOD

You can never go wrong with wool! Wool rugs have an appealing advantage over synthetic rugs in that they’re often handmade from natural materials and contain no traces of chemicals or unnatural dyes. Their patterns and designs are made as simple or as intricate as their knots allow and their quality often directly impacts their price tag. Wool rugs, depending on the height of their weave, are vacuum friendly and a great option for cozy game nights around the coffee table. Wool rugs are commonly constructed by either hand tufted or hand knotted methods. Rugs that are hand knotted have a frequency to bring the price of the piece up due to the time spent inserting every individual knot. Hand tufted methods require the assistance of machinery that combines the wool onto its canvas underside padding without sacrificing the color of the piece thus allowing it to be a more budget friendly option.  One downside of hand tufted construction is if you have your rug cleaned and you’re not sure about the quality prior to running it through the process. A lot of the less expensive hand tufted rugs are shipped without allowing the glue for the edge banding to dry completely and when they are run through the professional cleaning process can start coming apart and even damage the machines used to clean them!

Cotton- AVOID

Like Viscose, Cotton rugs are not practical for high trafficked areas due to their infamous absorbency to liquids and stain-ability. They are known for being a soft look-a-like to wool or outdoor Jute materials, but should be limited to indoor use only. They are spot and vacuum cleanable and a good option for small bedrooms or other lesser used spaces. 

These are just some of the most common materials you see when deciding on a rug. At BGI, we take your family life into consideration and select materials best suited for family living while ensuring their beauty and quality does not come second. We have a go to local dealer to treat rugs with a stain resistant protectant that helps resist stains and gives our clients a peace of mind. Ask us how you can achieve a magazine ready space in your dream home without sacrificing the comfort of livability! 


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