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Evolving Art for Functional Family Living

Recent BGI project with The Frame from Samsung

After a long day at work, everyone looks forward to coming home and relaxing with their family. The home is a place for relaxation and self expression, so designers take that into consideration when selecting the perfect art pieces for their clients. An age old design faux pas is having to settle for the television for the focal point- which is often absent in most design catalogues. Because the world of design is ever evolving, new technologies have allowed us to incorporate both function and style with this versatile piece. 

This TV, known as “The Frame”, is designed by Samsung to look like a high definition screen when it’s on and a show stopping art accent when it’s off. The screen is inlaid into the frame to give the illusion of a professional mounted piece when it is hung. Sizes range from 32” to 75”; perfect for any family room setting where TV downtime is a must.  The guts of the TV are placed in the wall to allow a seamless aesthetic showing none of the ugly wires or mounting.

This technology accounts for effortless optimization by providing artwork that is effortless to change and suits everyone’s tastes in style. The customization tools are not limited to the artwork being shown on screen, but the Bezel itself. There are minimal black and white monochromatic options as well as modern pops of colors available to create an endless array of art combinations that fit your current tastes. 

Designers find solutions like this to create the perfect combination of function and style in their client’s spaces. During our consultations, we strive to get to know our clients and their day-to-day family lifestyle in order to provide them with the personalized design they deserve. For those families that spend their evenings bonding over their favorite shows after a long day, this one is for you! Reach out to us to find out how you can create your perfect family space mixing in personal style and modern living. 


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