Shedding New Light Onto The Functions of Window Treatments

A master bathroom shade that not only softens the space but is highly functional for privacy.

When designing a home, it can be a mistake to neglect the windows, as they play a key role in both the function and style of the house. For a long time, having treatments on a window was misconstrued to be an outdated style, but we are here to tell you that window fashion is back in style. Of course naked windows have their place, such as large overside modern windows with a view, but even those will normally get some sort of shade for function.

When deciding which treatment would work best for the space, consider the space between and above the windows as well as privacy. For windows with very little space in between, consider one of our favorites: a manual (motorized options are a whole other subject!) flat fold roman shade. This option will fit within the area of the window and is often easily operated with a silver roll ease chain. 

Inside mount flat fold roman shades

For larger windows deserving of more dramatic flair, consider flowing drapery panels that make a statement. It is important to take into consideration the appropriate light allowance, the drape-ability of the fabric, and clean-ability for the space in which the panels will be occupying. In the case for a Dining Room, it would be wise to have more oil and dust repellent qualities that can handle being surrounded by food as opposed to a bedroom where there is more freedom in fabric fiber content. 

For drapery panels with a rod, it is important not to block the view through the window with the fabric. To measure for drapery rod size, measure the width of the window and add 5-10 inches of space depending on wall for the excess fabric to rest comfortably. For treatments that are floor length it’s a good idea to hang the rod high enough above the window that the drapes don’t pool together al the floor thus limiting the likeliness of dust bunnies to accumulate.  We prefer to have the panels stop just right at the floor, shy of touching.

A bedroom that has shades for privacy and stationary sheer panels to soften the space.

One of the best things about mounting a window treatment outside of the window, whether it be a drapery panels or an outside mount shade, is the ability to make a small window appear larger! This is a trick we love to use on small windows as well as off center windows —- tricking the eye.

Finally, as mentioned before, the characteristics of the fabric are very important. Refrain from using a heavy upholstery fabric that will be not only difficult to construct but also have difficulty folding for a shade or draping for panels. One of our favorite fabrics for a light and airy drapery panel is a sheer but we have to be careful the fabric will not have a mind of its own…..Unless that’s the look you’re going for. 😉

The most exciting thing to a designer is combining function with style. Once the primary focus for the space is highlighted and met, the possibilities to play with color and texture are endless. These window treatments can be the element that elevates a room from nice to extraordinary. 

Reach out to us with any additional questions or comments to find out how to give your windows the love they deserve.