DFW Interior Design Trends

North Texas offers one of the most vibrant design communities in the country. Not only do we have a high caliber of professionals working here, but we also have a community of people who appreciate and want beautiful residential interior design and commercial interior design surrounding them. That makes for a dynamic environment that produces some show-stopping interiors.
The Dallas-Ft. Worth area has its own personality, different from, say, L.A. or New York. We have our own way of doing things, and every season, I spot a new combination of DFW interior design trends happening right now. So what’s hot in North Texas interior design? Read on to find out!

Transitional design style

DFW Interior Design Trends | Interior Design Dallas | Barbara Gilbert Interiors

This transitional kitchen designed by Barbara Gilbert Interiors fits right into DFW design trends lately.

North Texas was pretty traditional in its style for a long time. But in recent years, I’ve noticed much more interest in adding modern elements to create a look that’s called transitional.
Transitional design is all about balance. It marries more traditional style with soft contemporary elements to create an elegant, sophisticated look that offers the best of both worlds. Transitional spaces feel timeless, serene, and chic. One of the biggest assets of a transitional home is that it doesn’t go out of style. Because it is about a marriage of two aesthetics, you can always update the individual elements to create a different look.
Some of the key parts of transitional style include warm, neutral color palettes with pops of color; clean lines; emphasis on natural light; and a “less-is-more” attitude toward accessories. There’s also that harmonious feel and “just enough” pattern and texture to create visual interest.
You can learn more about this style in a blog post I wrote, Balancing the Old and New with a Transitional Style.

White Shaker-style cabinets

DFW Interior Design Trends | Interior Design Dallas | Barbara Gilbert Interiors

A transitional kitchen designed by Barbara Gilbert Interiors with white Shaker-style cabinets.

White Shaker-style cabinets fit into the transitional look and they are a huge trend in Dallas interior design right now. Flat front cabinets can look too modern and traditional cabinets can look too ornamental. Shaker-style have just the right amount of embellishment. When paired with a brushed nickel pull or knob, the look is clean and tailored.
Another benefit of these cabinets is they make your countertops really pop, especially if those countertops are quartz (see my next trend below) or marble. White Shaker-style cabinets provide the perfect backdrop to show off not only your countertops, but also your backsplash and accessories in the kitchen or bathroom. They provide a stylishly neutral backdrop for other elements to shine.

Quartz countertops

DFW Interior Design Trends | Interior Design Dallas | Barbara Gilbert Interiors

A kitchen designed by Barbara Gilbert Interiors with Silestone quartz countertops.

After more than a decade where granite ruled in kitchen design trends, I’m seeing big interest in other countertop choices, particularly quartz. I personally love the look and have used them in quite a few recent home renovations. For example, in the photo above, we chose Silestone quartz countertops in platinum with steel sparkles, an elegant, sophisticated choice with clean lines and a refined look. (You can read about the whole kitchen remodel here.)
Quartz countertops are a fabricated composite, made from ground natural quartz, as well as glass or metallic flecks, and about 5 percent of a binding material called polymer resins. Together, they create a nonporous, extremely hard surface that is resistant to bacteria and stains, and never needs to be sealed. Cleanup is quick and easy and you’re not likely to damage your quartz countertops with a spilled glass of red wine or a hot pan.
Quartz offers a wide variety of color choices, from natural stone colors, to bold, saturated choices, like a navy blue. The look is uniform, unlike granite, which offers natural pattern variation. Because this is manufactured stone, you can order it in exactly the size you need and it will be manufactured to your specifications.

Midcentury modern-inspired chandeliers

DFW Interior Design Trends | Interior Design Dallas | Barbara Gilbert Interiors

A transitional living room designed by Barbara Gilbert Interiors with a midcentury-inspired chandelier.

The 1950s and 1960s are back in a big way in 2017. This means furniture with lines that echo that era, updated with a modern edge, like in the photo above. Retro chandeliers are also a big trend hitting its stride this year: think atomic era sparkles, clean lines, and an edgy look.
There are so many wonderful options available! The hardest part can be making up your mind. A few of my favorites include the Currey and Company Aerial chandelier, the Hudson Valley Lighting Bari chandelier, and the Fredrick Ramond Tulah chandelier. Fabulous!

Tile accent area above cooktop

DFW Interior Design Trends | Interior Design Dallas | Barbara Gilbert Interiors

In this Barbara Gilbert Interiors-designed kitchen, she chose a herringbone tile accent area in marble above the cooktop.

A backsplash offers a marvelous opportunity to bring some big style to a kitchen. A trend I’m seeing more of is the decorative tile accent area above the cooktop. This area works harmoniously with the rest of the backsplash, but provides a real wow factor. In my photo above, we selected BC Flooring Studio white Carrera Marble tile for the backsplash because it’s a classic, refined choice that will look stylish for years. For the tile accent area, we installed Glacier Blend Chicago herringbone pattern by BC Flooring Studio. The effect is sophisticated and quite distinctive.
I’d love to hear your thoughts on the DFW interior design trends you’re seeing! What appeals to you and why? Leave us a comment here, or on on FacebookGoogle+, or Instagram (be sure to tag @bgidesigner).
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