Balancing the Old and New with a Transitional Style

Defining your specific design style definitely comes down to personal preferences. You may think that the modern style is much too sleek for your tastes. Or you might consider traditional styles too much of a stuffed shirt, stodgy style. At the same time, you might like certain aspects of both of these styles.
If that’s the case, transitional is the best way to label your favorite personal style.
Balancing the Old and New with a Transitional Style | Barbara Gilbert Interiors

What Is the Transitional Style?

The best way to define the transitional style is to equate it to a marriage. This marriage consists of modern and traditional furniture, materials, fabrics, and finishes.
The beauty of combining modern and traditional styles into a transitional style is that it often results in an enduring, elegant, comfortable and classic design style. And since the designs are often simple, the ideal types of furnishings to match transitional interior design are Mission, Asian, and Shaker.
Modern and traditional schemes have a tendency to introduce opposing elements as part of their design. On the other hand, the transitional style is more about balance. In fact, the main goal of this style is to strike the perfect balance between modern and traditional.
If you happen to enjoy aspects of modern and traditional styles, then you will absolutely love transitional because it takes the best of both designs and mashes them together to create a unique and exciting experience. It’s the perfect way to bring together the best of both worlds.
Transitional designs consist of neutral color schemes, simple lines, and using light correctly to generate warmth. Some beautiful examples of this powerful type of interior design are soon to follow.
Balancing the Old and New with a Transitional Style | Barbara Gilbert Interiors

Examples of the Transitional Style

To help you get a better feel for this style, we will share a few of our favorite examples. One brand that allows you to incorporate some of these transitions into your own interior design is the sinks and faucets at Maestrobath. Other favorite style examples include:

  • We love transitional furniture because of its soft, sweeping curves, and typical straight lines. When this furniture is placed in a room, it helps create a comfortable experience without feeling too frilly or retro. The pieces are moderately scaled, which helps deliver a refined, unassuming style.
  • Another excellent aspect about combining modern and traditional interior design styles is the neutral flooring. This style incorporates wood floors and soft color carpets into the design. It is generally used to create warm tones and an overall peaceful and comfortable feeling throughout the room. For this design type, popular flooring options include sisal rugs, Berber carpets, and hides.
  • Transitional interior design consists of light fixtures that go hand-in-hand with off-white walls, warm woods, and blending traditional and modern accessories within each room.

Balancing the Old and New with a Transitional Style | Barbara Gilbert Interiors
As you can see, combining modern and traditional styles creates an interesting experience within the home. This interior design style works well by combining the best aspects of modern and traditional design.
Are you looking to change the interior of your home? Consider transitional as your design style of choice.
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