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Shedding New Light Onto The Functions of Window Treatments

A master bathroom shade that not only softens the space but is highly functional for privacy. When designing a home, it can be a mistake to neglect the windows, as they play a key role in both the function and style of the house. For a long time, having treatments on a window was misconstrued to be an outdated style, but we are here to tell you that window fashion is back in style. Of course naked windows have their place, such as large overside modern windows with a view, but even those will normally get some sort of shade...

Evolving Art for Functional Family Living

Recent BGI project with The Frame from Samsung After a long day at work, everyone looks forward to coming home and relaxing with their family. The home is a place for relaxation and self expression, so designers take that into consideration when selecting the perfect art pieces for their clients. An age old design faux pas is having to settle for the television for the focal point- which is often absent in most design catalogues. Because the world of design is ever evolving, new technologies have allowed us to incorporate both function and style with this versatile piece.  This TV,...

We’ve Got You Covered: How To Select Your New Rug

When choosing a rug for your space, it is important to consider more than just color and placement. Construction and content are key aspects to selecting a rug that is timeless and will last through busy family life for years to come. Here are a few home friendly fiber materials to look for as well as materials to avoid when choosing that perfect family friendly rug.  Polyester/Polypropylene- GOOD Polyester and Polypropylene rugs are made from synthetic materials that are quick to dry and most resistant to liquids and sunlight. Being created from recycled plastic, they are designed to give you that...

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