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Hair On Hide: A Designer’s Take

Hair on Hide Console Table - Current Plano Project Great Design can be created from every material- from conventional to unconventional. We’re going to be examining one of these conventional materials that is a staple in classic genres of design: Hair on Hide.  Having our Design Firm based in Texas, we absolutely appreciate and embrace the Country aesthetic. Hair on Hide is known for being a material that showcases the beauty of an animal in many forms. In our case, it is commonly seen in floor rugs, ottomans, and even tables. During production, this material is preserved, dried, and dyed to...

Inside the Mind of A Designer: The Principles of Design

New Construction Residence in Fairview, Texas Every designer loves watching their project come to life- from the preliminary drawings to the final installation of the very last details. To make it to the finish line, designers must not only consider the physical functions of a space, but the principles and stages of design that every artist practices. We wrote a while back about these principles in a past blog found here and expanding on these guidelines today! Image courtesy of The Fundamental Principles of Art and Design utilizes the entire space at hand and allows for a designer to...

Shedding New Light Onto The Functions of Window Treatments

A master bathroom shade that not only softens the space but is highly functional for privacy. When designing a home, it can be a mistake to neglect the windows, as they play a key role in both the function and style of the house. For a long time, having treatments on a window was misconstrued to be an outdated style, but we are here to tell you that window fashion is back in style. Of course naked windows have their place, such as large overside modern windows with a view, but even those will normally get some sort of shade...

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