From Vision to Reality: A Behind-the-Scenes Peek Into Our Design Process

Designing a space for our clients is an intricate interior design process that involves a careful blend of creativity, technical expertise, and a deep understanding of the client’s needs. At the heart of this process lies a series of meticulously planned steps that ensure every aspect of the design aligns with the their vision. In this blog post, we’ll unravel the intricate layers of the interior design process, demystifying the technical jargon and presenting it in plain, understandable language.

a beautifully designed living room from BGI Designs with fireplace and deep blue velvet chairs


1. The Initial Meeting: Setting the Foundation

As we launch a new project, the initial and crucial step involves meeting with the client. This face-to-face interaction forms the core of our design process. We take the time to sit down and truly understand what the client envisions for their space. This often begins with a thorough exploration of their inspiration photos. We encourage each individual involved in the project to open up and share their personal preferences. This collaborative approach ensures that every voice is heard, setting the stage for a design that resonates with each member living in the home.

In this discussion, we focus on more than just looks, understanding that a successful design blends beauty with seamless functionality within the client’s lifestyle. This involves covering practical aspects like stain resistance and the crucial consideration of durability, particularly in households with children and pets. We also address firmness levels to guarantee that the furniture provides the right support and comfort for every household member while factoring in allergies to choose materials that align with the client’s health and well-being. Alongside meeting design preferences and practical needs, we establish a mutual understanding of the financial investment required, ensuring it aligns with the client’s budget and aspirations. This open and clear discussion lays the foundation for a design process that not only looks good but also fits seamlessly into the client’s lifestyle and budget.

2. Space Planning: Where Art Meets Functionality

Space planning is a fundamental and pivotal aspect of our design methodology. It involves an examination of the spatial characteristics, such as the size and proportions of the room, as well as its height and overall volume. This careful analysis is crucial in making sure that every element and piece of furniture is integrated harmoniously within the space. One crucial consideration is the circulation flow within the room. This refers to how people move through and around the space. We take great care to make sure that there are no obstacles or hindrances that might impede the natural movement of individuals within the room. This promotes a sense of openness and accessibility, creating a comfortable and functional environment.

This means paying close attention to details like seat heights and depths. Whether you’re sitting, lounging, or moving around, our furniture is designed to provide the highest level of comfort. In short, our approach to design is thoughtful and thorough, considering factors like room size, flow, and the well-being of those using the space. We aim to create spaces that are both attractive and practical.

gorgeous circular couch chosen by BGI Designs

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3. Frame Selection and Fabric Curation: Precision in Detailing

When it comes to choosing frames, we analyze the gathered data. This involves a detailed examination of preferences and requirements. We offer an extensive selection from established manufacturers and can also create custom designs tailored to your space. Our preference for performance fabrics, even in low-traffic areas, emphasizes our belief that furniture should be robust and inviting, rather than delicate.

Detail matters greatly in our process. We carefully consider every element from the stitching on upholstery to the selection of pillows, trims, and embellishments. This results in a cohesive blend of textures and patterns that not only looks appealing but also feels comfortable to the touch. The outcome is a piece that seamlessly combines style and functionality, ensuring that your space emanates a timeless charm.

4. Presentation and Selection: Bringing the Vision to Life

In this phase, after gathering samples and creating sketches, we engage in a presentation session with the client. Our workspace is equipped with an assortment of furnishings sourced from various manufacturers, providing the client with a tangible experience of the proposed design. This hands-on interaction serves as a ‘Goldilocks experiment’, allowing us to precisely identify their preferences concerning aspects such as the level of firmness, depth, and height of the furniture. This stage holds significant importance as it directly contributes to ensuring the client’s utmost comfort and overall satisfaction with the design concept.

corner chair in a matte blue room chosen by BGI Designs

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5. Proposal and Ordering: Turning Vision into Reality

After the client has confirmed their preferences from our presentation, we transition into the pricing and ordering stage. This involves obtaining custom quotes from vendors if necessary, ensuring each detail is meticulously accounted for. To streamline this process, we utilize Studio Designer, a specialized accounting software tailored for interior designers. Here, we compile all the pertinent information and present the comprehensive proposal to the client for their review, approval, and payment. This pivotal step marks the turning point where the envisioned design begins its journey towards reality.

6. Monitoring and Logistics: Keeping Clients in the Loop

We implement a bi-weekly monitoring system for all orders. This involves providing our clients with comprehensive reports that outline both the projected and actual shipping dates. This level of transparency not only imparts crucial information but also nurtures a foundation of trust between our team and our clients. When the items arrive at the local warehouse, they carefully check for any problems. If they find any issues, they quickly talk to the vendor to sort them out. This stringent part of the interior design process ensures that each item meets the highest standards before proceeding to the installation phase.

Our attention to detail doesn’t waver during the installation process. Each piece is placed with precision, aligning with the original design intent. This final step is vital in ensuring that the envisioned aesthetic and functionality of the space are brought to life seamlessly. Our commitment to thorough monitoring and logistics guarantees that our clients remain well-informed, confident, and ultimately delighted with the final outcome of their space.

beautiful dining room designed by BGI Designs

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7. Embracing Uniqueness: Our Design Philosophy

This philosophy is the cornerstone of our design ethos. We approach every project with a fresh perspective, pledging to create unique interiors. Though occasional nods to certain elements may occur, we swiftly retire them after just a handful of applications. Our true devotion lies in crafting designs as exceptional as our clients themselves. This guarantees them a space that harmonizes seamlessly with their distinct personality and style.

In essence, our design philosophy hinges on championing individuality. Each endeavor commences with an unblemished outlook, therefore a dedication to fashioning spaces that stand apart. While occasional motifs may find their way in, we swiftly bid them adieu after minimal use. Our true allegiance lies in curating designs that are as one-of-a-kind as our clientele. Subsequently, this ensures they experience a space that mirrors their unique essence and taste.

Behind every awe-inspiring design lies a methodical interior design process that seamlessly blends creativity with technical precision. By breaking down the steps into plain language, we hope to offer a glimpse into the intricacies that shape our design philosophy. At the core of it all, our mission is simple: to craft spaces that not only meet but exceed our clients’ expectations.


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