3 Trending Takeaways from the High Point Market’s F/23 Market Event


In the heart of design innovation, where creativity meets commerce, I recently had the privilege of immersing myself in the captivating world of interior design at High Point Market’s Fall ’23 Market event. We make the trip every year to come away with trending takeaways! Here we witnessed a vibrant mix of colors, textures, and design trends. In return, this created a lasting impact on my creative inspiration palette. Here are the three trends that stole the spotlight and are sure to shape the future of interior design.

photo is split in two with a velvet turquoise circular chair on one side and a red velvet round chair on the other

1. Form/Materials in Furniture: A Fusion of Elegance and Strength

The first trend that resonated with me was the seamless fusion of unique natural shapes with hard materials. From the elegant curves of chairs to the robust foundations of tables, designers showcased a balanced blend of organic forms juxtaposed with industrial strength. The emphasis on heavy texture further elevated the sensory experience, therefore creating a tactile richness that invites both touch and admiration.

lime green velvet couch with circular pillows as the seat

Larger scale furniture made a bold statement, therefore adding a sense of grandeur and luxury to the spaces. This trend speaks to a desire for designs that not only please the eye but also engage our sense of touch and scale.

two photos split in half - the right side has a marbled wood table and the right side has a stone marble table

2. Travertine + Natural Materials: Timeless Beauty Reimagined

Travertine, in its white and silver variations, emerged as a design powerhouse, breathing new life into timeless elegance. Tables crafted from various stones such as travertine, became visual anchors in many exhibits. The evolution of burl, with its subtle and neutral undertones, certainly spoke to a modern reinterpretation of a classic material.

a split photo - on the left hanging lights and on the right are square hanging on the wall

The inclusion of clam shells and lamps featuring unique natural materials alongside metal elements created a harmonious marriage of nature and design. Dark marbles and unique wood finishes like Tiger’s eye contributed to a sense of sophistication, in return offering a fresh perspective on materials that stand the test of time.

a split photo - on the left, pea green leather ottoman and on the right, brown leather couch with light stitching

3. Accent Welts, Trims, Tapes, and Stitching: Attention to Detail Redefined

The third trend that caught my attention was the meticulous attention to detail through accent welts, trims, tapes, and stitching. Leather with contrast stitching added bespoke character to furniture pieces, all while long fringe trims introduced a touch of whimsy when applied judiciously.

a split photo - the left side is circular pillows on a white couch and the right side is a lamp, white couch and accent pillows

Patterns found a new purpose as welts, infusing designs with a sense of playfulness. Pom pom trims, round pillows, and the ubiquitous presence of heavily textured bouclé  on seating spoke to a desire for cozy comfort and a celebration of texture.

In the wake of the F/23 Market event, the trends unveiled reflect not only the current pulse of the design industry but also a collective yearning for a balanced blend of aesthetics and functionality. As we integrate these trends into the fabric of BGI Design, I am excited about the possibilities that lie ahead. The journey through High Point Market was not just a glimpse into the future of design. It was a testament to the limitless creativity that continues to shape our living spaces.

Let these trends inspire us to create interiors that tell unique stories. Such as where form, materials, and details come together to craft spaces that resonate with individuality and timeless allure. The F/23 Market was not just an event; it was a celebration of design, and the echoes of that celebration will undoubtedly resonate in the homes we transform.

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