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How To Work With A Designer

As Interior Designers, we love what we do. Our favorite part of the job is witnessing the excitement that our clients have when the projects are complete and their home has been transformed. While we pride ourselves in our ability to take our client’s wish list and bring it to life, we understand that every client is different and the necessity for communication is crucial. For those who have never worked one-on-one with an Interior Designer or are looking to gain some insight, we have put together a helpful set of guidelines to follow to ensure a helpful, healthy, and...

How To Choose Artwork Like a Pro!

If you were to ask us what our favorite stage of the design process would be, it would most likely be the selection of artwork. It is such a broad topic and has an endless range of materials and colors from which inspiration can strike. We have been known to design entire spaces around a piece of art or a client’s personal treasure. Most importantly, we believe that when it comes to finalizing a space, artwork and accessories tie everything together.  Many people think of art as a two dimensional canvas. We go out of our way to source creative...

Hair On Hide: A Designer’s Take

Hair on Hide Console Table - Current Plano Project Great Design can be created from every material- from conventional to unconventional. We’re going to be examining one of these conventional materials that is a staple in classic genres of design: Hair on Hide.  Having our Design Firm based in Texas, we absolutely appreciate and embrace the Country aesthetic. Hair on Hide is known for being a material that showcases the beauty of an animal in many forms. In our case, it is commonly seen in floor rugs, ottomans, and even tables. During production, this material is preserved, dried, and dyed to...

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