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Showcase of Elegance in Ceiling Statements, Custom Illumination, and Seamless Design

In the ever-evolving realm of interior design, let’s roll up our sleeves and delve into the nitty-gritty of what makes today’s interiors stand out. Our focus today? Three key elements that are quietly revolutionizing the modern aesthetic: accent ceilings, custom lamp shades & sconces, and the artful continuation of elements. No frills, just a straightforward chat about what really matters in today’s design landscape.

Accent Ceilings Applications

Elevating the Fifth Wall: Accent Ceilings

Imagine walking into a room where your gaze is immediately drawn upward, captivated by a stunning accent ceiling. From the timeless allure of faux crocodile textures to the chic and reflective tiled mirrors, today’s designs ensure that the ceiling is no longer a forgotten canvas but a focal point in its own right.

The Glossy Elegance of Lacquered Finishes

Lacquered finishes, once confined to furniture, have gracefully ascended to grace ceilings. The sleek and glossy finish brings a touch of sophistication and style, making a bold statement overhead.

Playful Prints and Industrial Chic

For those with an eye for subtlety, cute small prints on the ceiling add a touch of playfulness without overwhelming the space. Meanwhile, metallic paneled wall coverings infuse an industrial chic vibe into the ceiling, creating a dynamic visual impact.

Nature-Inspired Elegance: Plaster Foliage and Ombre Accent Ceiling

Nature takes center stage with designs featuring plaster foliage details, seamlessly bringing the outdoors inside. And then there’s the showstopper – ombre on the ceiling, a gradient of colors creating a breathtaking visual effect.

Custom Lamp Shades & Sconces

Harmonizing with Surroundings: Custom Fabric

Now, let’s shift our focus downward to lighting. Custom lamp shades and sconces act as extensions of your room’s personality. Matching fabrics seamlessly tie lighting elements to the surrounding décor, creating a harmonious atmosphere.

Drama and Modernity: Backlit Plaster Organic Shapes

For those seeking drama and modernity, backlit plaster organic shapes add a captivating touch to your lighting design. The repetition of patterns throughout the room enhances the cohesive aesthetic, turning your space into a carefully curated work of art.

Element Movement & Continuation

Seamless Transition: Wallpaper from Wall to Accent Ceiling

Walls and ceilings are no longer separate entities but part of a seamless design. Wallpapers gracefully transition from walls to ceilings, creating a sense of continuity. Curves in design elements generate soft, subtle movements that enchant the eye and elevate the overall ambiance.

Vertical Lines: Height and Drama

Vertical lines, whether in wallpaper or lighting fixtures, add height and drama to your space. They draw the eye upward, making any room feel more expansive and grand.

Designer is based in Louisiana so this custom wallpaper was designed off of the state flower

Wallpaper, It’s Here to Stay!

Custom wallpapers inspired by nature or unique designs are not mere trends; they are timeless elements that endure. Upholstered doors, ombre on the ceiling – these are the details that stand the test of time. This above photo is from a designer is based in Louisiana. It’s custom wallpaper designed after their state flower. Notice also how she upholstered the closet doors. Love it!

Patterned Floors

Artistry Beneath Your Feet: Custom Tiles and Geometric Designs

Now, let’s look down. Paying attention to every detail, custom marble tiles in the kitchen and the juxtaposition of geometric patterns with traditional elements create a captivating mosaic underfoot.

Scales of Pattern: Intricate Details to Bold Designs

Patterns on the floor are a dance of scales. From intricate details to bold, larger-than-life designs, the floors are a testament to our commitment to making every square inch of your space a work of art.

In the realm of contemporary interior design, these are not just trends; they’re the elements of a design dialogue, where every detail tells a story of elegance and sophistication. Join us in elevating your living spaces with these design wonders, where every choice is a part of an ongoing conversation about the beauty and functionality of your home.


It’s clear that modern interiors are all about paying attention to the little things and making dynamic choices. Think about unexpected charm in your ceilings, personal touches with custom lamps, and a seamless flow in how your design elements come together. As we navigate through the changing world of design, it’s obvious that a well-put-together space is more than just arranging furniture. It’s about carefully choosing elements that work together, making homes that look great and feel just right.
Check out a BGI project with accent ceilings here!
Click here to find out more about the Kips Bay Showhouse held here in Dallas!