The Power of Orange Decor

From pumpkins to autumn leaves, orange is all around us this time of year. But why is a color that brings fall foliage tours and smiles to so many faces seldom used in interior design?
Simply put, while most people love color, they’re afraid of choosing the wrong color. So they choose colors they think are “safe.” And while understandable, they’re missing out on the power of color!
Orange is a powerful color, and orange decor can be dazzling. Orange is considered the color of joy, adventure and creativity. It combines the warmth and happiness of yellow with the energy and stimulation of red, and it’s also thought to invoke feelings of optimism.
Here are some of our favorite rooms with orange décor that embrace the power of color.

Home Office

Orange decor

Via Barbara Gilbert Interiors

Home offices don’t have to be all work and no play! Liven up the space with fun patterns and vibrant hues. Orange and fuchsia make for one fun, festive color combination in this family-friendly home office we designed for a busy family that loved cheerful rooms.



Forget pink or blue! An orange and white color palette mixed with cheerful yellow and blue accents creates the perfect nursery for a boy or a girl. In this room, it would be hard not to smile evening during those late night feedings!

Guest Room


As complementary colors, orange and blue always bring out the best in one another. Add a bold detail like these large-scale suzani headboards, and you’ve got one showstopper of a room.



Yellow isn’t the only happy color to paint a kitchen. Break with tradition and wow with orange! The color alone sets the mood regardless of the decorating style you choose.

Dining Room


There’s a reason people flock to see fall foliage. The warm, dusky hues naturally soothe the soul. So what better shade to choose than a deep earthy orange for the dining room – a frequent gathering place for friends and family?