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Remodeling Process – A New Chapter

Every home has a story, with plot twists and character development and a history. But sometimes the characters outgrow their story and a new chapter has to start. Approaching a remodel in this way can be helpful. The house has the same bones it always has; a remodel simply adds new life to an old story and gives it a new beginning. When starting a remodel, it’s important to look at the bones of the house, and the people who live there. These are the foundations from which the new design should derive from.

As the original owners of this house that sits right on a golf course, it was important to the client that the space be made more efficient and open to take advantage of the beautiful view and create the functionality that the space was lacking. As seen in the before pictures below, the kitchen and sitting room were both cramped. The wall between he sitting room and the kitchen left the kitchen dark since a lot of light came into the sitting room.

Taking out the walls around the old sitting room was the first thing to address! Removing the walls made this house feel so different, and things were barely getting started!

With an open floor plan, the next thing to think about was what to do with all that space. Adding in a large island, with room for seating, framed the kitchen area nicely without closing it in. And the space that used to be the sitting room is now open to become a beautiful new dining space.

The plan is to add bench beneath the window and a large table with plenty of chairs. This great room will be a great place for entertaining. The outdated look of the old kitchen will be a thing of the past as flat modern cabinets take their place. The island was outfitted with a quartzite countertop that is both beautiful and durable. Quartz counters were added to the perimeter of the kitchen to coordinate with the island. This remodel is already breathing new life into an old, cherished home and a new chapter for these homeowners is beginning!

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  1. Love the way you compare a home with a story! So true!

    1. BGI admin says:

      So glad you enjoyed the blog! Thank you for reading.


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