Patriotic Flowers for July Fourth

As we approach the festivities that come with Independence Day, we see red, white, and blue popping up everywhere. We love the idea of honoring the United States and all the people who sacrifice for our freedom. Why not get creative with patriotic flowers designed for the holiday?
There is nothing that brightens up a living room like live blooms. Growing selections of red, white, and blue flowers in pots or hanging baskets let you bring your arrangements indoors or move them outdoors for a 4th of July barbecue. This post is sponsored by

Fiery Red Wildflower Mixtures

Patriotic Flowers for July Fourth | Interior Design Dallas | Barbara Gilbert Interiors
The photo above is a wildflower mixture that is sold by MySeedNeeds. This is a favorite collection due to the shades of red with touches of yellow. This mixture is a favorite to give as gifts. You can order the seeds online along with blank seed envelopes. You always have a nice thank you gift, a party favor, or the perfect gift to enclose in a card and mail to loved ones out of town.

Soft White Flower Mixtures

Patriotic Flowers for July Fourth | Interior Design Dallas | Barbara Gilbert Interiors
There are several options for white flowers. There are white lilies, daisies, white tulips, and hundreds more. For our red, white, and blue arrangements we are going with Seashell Cosmos. There flowers are about 3 inches across and each petal of the flower of rolled in a seashell type bloom. They are easy to grow and you will love the way they accent any room, patio, or porch.

Bluebonnets for the Win

Patriotic Flowers for July Fourth | Interior Design Dallas | Barbara Gilbert Interiors
We do not know anyone who does not love blue flowers. The Texas bluebonnet has got to be one of the favorites, and it’s the state flower. These flowers became wildly popular when Lady Bird Johnson selected them as part of her wildflower campaign. They are annual flowers that bloom for months.
Once you have established a patch of Texas Bluebonnets, they will return year after year. This flower stands up to just about everything. You will see the on the rocky roadsides, in fields and in the state of Texas, they seem to be everywhere.

Decorating with Flowers

Pay attention to the different shapes and colors in these flowers. When you are ready to clip some flowers for vases, you have a grand opportunity to have flowers that grow to different heights and widths. You can stage them by color to divide the red, white, and blue. Don’t be shy about mixing them and making a stunning arrangement with flowers that offer the perfect contrasts.
Have your summer barbecue with style. Let your floral arrangement bring the spirit of the holiday indoors. Display them in a way the makes your guests feel at home.
Don’t forget to give your guests a package of seeds when they depart. There is nothing more special than a gift that a person can dedicate themselves to bringing some beautiful life into their home.
How do you decorate for the Fourth of July? Do you use patriotic flowers? Tell us about it here or over on Facebook or Twitter (don’t forget to mention @bgidesigner)!
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