Outfitting the Outdoors: Traditional Iron

Last, but never least, in our series on outdoor furniture is iron. Iron furniture has a long history, dating back to ancient times. The strong, durable metal lends a look of luxury, and comes in designs ranging from contemporary to traditional to suit many tastes.
iron outdoor furniture

Iron Outdoor Furniture

Cast iron is the most popular form of iron furniture today. Cast iron is produced by pouring molten iron into molds and then allowing it to cool. Cast iron weighs three times more than an identical piece in cast aluminum, making it a popular choice for public areas to prevent theft or regions exposed to high winds.
Pros: Iron is a timeless favorite that is sturdy and heavy, making it unlikely to tip over or be easily thrown by high winds. It’s also available in many colors to fit any setting and is moderately priced. With powder coated finishes applied, the metal is also weather resistant and highly durable.
Cons: Iron outdoor furniture requires routine maintenance to prevent rusting. A sealant or wax should be applied yearly. Painted iron can also chip. Iron furniture is heavy and difficult to move. It’s also becoming more difficult to find due to the invention of lighter weight options that require less maintenance.
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Image source: Barbara Gilbert Interiors