Outfitting the Outdoors: Amazing Aluminum

What makes aluminum amazing? It doesn’t rust! This makes it an ideal material for outdoor furniture, but it gets even better. Aluminum is also a green material, making the metal especially appealing in today’s marketplace.
Discovered in 1825, Aluminum is the third most abundant element on Earth. Its use has a low impact on the environment, plus it’s both recyclable and sustainable. Those seeking a green product can even purchase patio sets made from recycled aluminum.
aluminium outdoor furniture

Aluminum Outdoor Furniture

Aluminum outdoor furniture is typically found in two forms: tubular or cast. Tubular aluminum is made from hollow tubing and offers a contemporary, streamlined look. Cast aluminum is produced by pouring molten aluminum into molds and then allowing it to cool. The casting mold is hand carved, permitting elaborate detailing and classic designs.
outdoor aluminium furniture
Pros: Aluminum will not rust. It’s also easy to clean and has the best weight to strength ratio of all metals used in patio furniture. In short, it’s highly durable while being lightweight (although cast aluminum weighs more). The metal also strongly resists fading, especially if a powder-coat finish has been applied.
Cons: As with all metal, aluminum conducts temperature, making it hot during the summer and cold during the winter. The metal’s lightweight can be considered a con in high wind and storm-prone climates, although this typically only applies to tubular aluminum. Cast aluminum outdoor furniture sets can usually withstand the wind.
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Source of Images: Barbara Gilbert Interiors