How To Choose Artwork Like a Pro!

If you were to ask us what our favorite stage of the design process would be, it would most likely be the selection of artwork. It is such a broad topic and has an endless range of materials and colors from which inspiration can strike. We have been known to design entire spaces around a piece of art or a client’s personal treasure. Most importantly, we believe that when it comes to finalizing a space, artwork and accessories tie everything together. 

Many people think of art as a two dimensional canvas. We go out of our way to source creative alternatives to traditional pieces, finding various mediums to keep it interesting!

Selenite in Ombre Color Palette

This piece, for example, is made of selenite. Selenite is a gypsum mineral designed to resemble a crystal. They can be found with the entire spectrum of natural organic colors depending on their age and construction. They are a great way to add some bling to an entryway while also keeping within a price conscious budget.  We LOVE its translucency and texture!

When we are working with larger spaces we love to think BIG. This entryway has been brought to life by this arrangement of perfectly coordinating colors. This piece was customized by the Dallas artist for our client, but we are no strangers to high quality prints or Giclées to hit price points – especially in secondary rooms. (Giclées are constructed through high-quality inked printers that replicate individual copies to look original.  Many will have a texture to give them more depth.)

One thing that is important to keep in mind is appropriate sizing. When measuring an artwork wall, we like to try to fill 2/3 of the space if we can. The artwork is meant to highlight the space without taking over completely. When working with furniture, such as placing artwork over a sofa, keep in mind these proportions and center the artwork over the furniture. You never want the artwork wider than the furniture its going over. A Pro tip is to use painting tape to measure out on the wall what size of artwork you’re considering before committing!

The height of a piece is just as important. When installing, try to keep the center of the piece at around eye level. Use the midpoint of the piece as a guide to reference for both vertical and horizontal pieces. 

We know that artwork can be very personal for our clients, which is why we love using their artworks and treasures to bring new life into their favorite memories and selections. As designers, we see the beauty in all forms of art! Leave us a comment letting us know what kind of artwork you love to see. Or, let us know if you have a question about sourcing the perfect piece of artwork! 

Amy Guess, Allied ASID
BGI Principal Designer