Hair On Hide: A Designer’s Take

Hair on Hide Console Table – Current Plano Project

Great Design can be created from every material- from conventional to unconventional. We’re going to be examining one of these conventional materials that is a staple in classic genres of design: Hair on Hide

Having our Design Firm based in Texas, we absolutely appreciate and embrace the Country aesthetic. Hair on Hide is known for being a material that showcases the beauty of an animal in many forms. In our case, it is commonly seen in floor rugs, ottomans, and even tables.

During production, this material is preserved, dried, and dyed to create that perfect long-lasting effect for clients to enjoy. Some other examples of Designer favorites include Shagreen, and Leather.  (Which we will save for a later date!)

Greek Key Modern Rug – Highland Village Project

Something important that designer’s keep in mind is moderation. Depending on the intensity of the hide, we try to avoid creating “themes” in our client’s homes. We believe in utilizing the entire spectrum of materials to our advantage, but the key term is balance.  One of its best qualities is that it’s inherently durable! All that’s needed for maintenance is vacuuming or shaking out the dust. And like ALL rugs, we recommend to skip the beater brush with your vacuum cleaner! Use suction only. Because of the natural oils in the hide, it is naturally repellent of liquids. (i.e. perfect with kids!).

While this material may be controversial, we choose to view design as an endless stream of artistic opportunities in which every material has their chance to shine. We love that hide, which is arguably one of the first Interior Design materials, is still finding new and creative ways to be modern. 

Diamond Geometric Rug – Fairview Project

Would you consider using hair on hide in your project? In what form do you prefer it in? Let us know!