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Hardware Happy: Tips and Trends

Hardware took a slight turn in the world of interior design where… it wasn’t there! Touch latch cabinets or grooves hidden right in the wood of doors were becoming increasingly more popular over the last decade. But the jewelry of cabinetry is making a comeback. Mid-century modern and transitional styles have been on the front page of most design magazines this year and hardware is playing a starring role.

The trends in 2019 include a variety of metals in a plethora of matte finishes, and other interesting materials such as acrylic, to name just one. But while materials and finishes are as diverse as they’ve ever been, one trait that is consistent through lots of the hardware brands is clean, simple lines. As such, using only sleek pulls, and no knobs, in a design has been on the rise.

A surprising front runner in the world of hardware and metal finishes has been brushed brass. While it’s been around for a few years, it doesn’t seem to be going anywhere! A more subdued version of its shinier cousin that can be found in every authentic 1980’s home, brushed brass has been modernized in its softer finish and simple hardware profiles. Acrylic has been another popular choice, and it’s easy to see why. The clear material allows for the hardware to disappear into the design while still offering shape, but not distracting with color.

A couple of pointers for selecting hardware:

Keep in mind that finishes don’t need to match! Mix your metals and colors between plumbing fixtures and hardware, but keep one characteristic consistent. Mix chromes with chromes and brushed with brushed. It will visually pull the finishes into the same family without them needing to match perfectly.

Understand the function of the cabinets you are placing hardware on. Where will you naturally reach to open a long pantry door?

When selecting pulls for drawers in particular, consider the 1/3 rule. Take 1/3 of the overall width of the drawer and that’s the proper size of pull for that drawer. It’s all about scale and proportion when compared to the cabinet door size.

Selecting hardware is often the last thing on every homeowner’s mind. But picking something last minute, especially for the sake of cost or quick turn-around, can come back to bite you. Hardware can easily cheapen a room, or it can be the perfect finishing touch. Knobs and pulls are used in the home every day, and a cheap product will loosen and wear faster than almost anything else in the house. Treat selecting your hardware selections like you would treat selecting your light fixtures. They can also make a space shine!


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