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Happy Holidays! And Happy Hosting!

The Holiday Season is upon us! And with this time of year comes lots of family and friends, which means lots of parties and get togethers! Whether you’re attending a party or throwing one yourself, there are a few things that are always expected; great food, fabulous decor, and good company. And maybe some ugly Christmas sweaters, too. So how does one prepare for a holiday party? Food prep is usually the first thing on people’s minds. But the time it takes to make food for so many people is stressful! This time of year I love to take a little break from the usual interior design related blog posts and give some hopefully helpful hosting suggestions.

Potlucks are one option for a party. But, given that the particular party asks for it, bringing a present for a dirty Santa or gift exchange AND a dish can be a lot to ask of guests. Potlucks save a lot of time for the host and it allows people to bring family favorites. But there is every chance that Aunt Sue’s stuffing recipe is something that only Aunt Sue enjoys. There is more likely to be an abundance, and a diversity, of food in a potluck, which is a plus. And there’s usually the freeloader that doesn’t bring a dish.

Catering is a great option for any size gathering. There’s no cooking involved for you or your guests! A catered party offers a more upscale feel and streamline cleanup, if the money is in the budget, that is! There can also be the issue of catering that means the food is one note. Whether it’s Mexican or Italian food it offers little variety to guests. Plus, what happens if it doesn’t arrive on time, or at all?

Making all of the food yourself has its own set of pros and cons. Making enough food for a large party is just one stressful aspect when there is so much more to get done! It does allow the most control out of any of the options, but it might just be the most stressful!

Décor is the best way to make a space feel festive. And music, of course! Sticking with a cohesive color scheme makes everything feel more refined. This includes your cutlery! For larger parties, getting disposable plates and silverware (even plastic plates if paper isn’t your taste) helps with both cleanup and style. There’s an array of disposable flatware out there to coordinate with your existing holiday décor. Simple things like napkins and even wine glass markers can add a touch of color and flare, making your party more memorable and festive!

In any case, a party has so much more to do with the people there than any of the things around them. But company is always served better with comfort food in a beautiful place. Happy Holidays everyone! And Happy Hosting!


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