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The Seven Principles of Design

When we design a living space or a corporate work place, we’re always mindful of the clients’ goals. Do they want a peaceful environment? A respite from the hectic pace of life? Or do they desire a vibrant, energetic work place that inspires leadership and creativity?

Full Bed View

A Relaxing Retreat by BGI

There are seven principles of design. And all seven have to be incorporated into a room to make it flow. And guess what? Chances are your most comforting space – the place you feel most at ease – flows well and has colors that fit your personality. We all tend to shy away from harsh fluorescent lighting. It hurts the eyes and inhibits your mind. Yet some office spaces still use it!


A Vibrant Work Space by BGI.

Using the seven principles of design, we can create a warm and inviting space that fits your needs and personality. We can repurpose existing furniture or buy new pieces and implement a functional design flow.

But what exactly are the seven principles of design? They are rhythm, harmony, scale, proportion, balance, color and flow. Do you have all seven working together in your space?

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