Bedroom Design Ideas: The Power of Purple

Purple is a powerful color. Many people shy away from it when they’re thinking of bedroom design ideas, believing it’s too bold. But in my experience, purple makes an excellent hue for bedrooms, whether the intensity is saturated or more pastel.
I’ve chosen different shades of purple for several bedrooms I’ve designed recently. I love the results, and so do my clients! From a colorful “tween” bedroom with style that endures, to an elegant and serene master bedroom, purple was the star of my color palette.
How can you make purple work in your own bedroom design ideas? Read on to find out!
Bedroom Design Ideas: The Power of Purple | Interior Design Dallas | Barbara Gilbert Interiors
I’m passionate about color, especially the psychology of color and how it affects us through interior design. So let’s break it down.
Chromatically speaking, purple is the mix of energetic red and calm blue. It combines these two and the resulting color creates a calming effect on the mood, a great choice for a room where you sleep. Purple can also provide a bit of uplift and creative surge, which makes it a great choice for the mornings, when you need to get up and be inspired to start your day.

Bedroom Design Ideas: The Power of Purple | Barbara Gilbert Interiors | Interior Design Dallas

A bedroom for a teenage girl designed by Barbara Gilbert Interiors.

Purple is the color of imagination and wisdom, associated with mystery, passion, and luxury. Historically, it was identified with royalty. That’s because the dye used to create purple was rare and hugely expensive — only the elite, like kings and queens, could afford it.
It still carries the aura of luxury for most people on a subconscious level. A purple bedroom can inspire feelings of contentment and satisfaction because of this.
Bedroom Design Ideas: The Power of Purple | Barbara Gilbert Interiors | Interior Design Dallas

A relaxing sitting area in a master bedroom designed by Barbara Gilbert Interiors.

Creating a color palette with purple is a fun exercise. I recommend starting a Pinterest board or Houzz ideabook with purple bedroom design ideas that inspire you. Once you’ve gathered a bunch of pictures, look for the commonalities. Are you leaning toward purple as an accent color? Shades of purple throughout? Base your color palette on what you like (and be sure to read 6 Ways to Use Color to Create a Home You Love for more guidance).
When you start planning your bedroom, you might choose one design element as your jumping off point, like a wallpaper with purple. Or maybe it’s a piece of art. It could even be a throw pillow. Whatever you choose, take a sample with you when you shop for furniture and accents so you can make sure other elements work with those particular shades.
The really fun part comes when you start putting the elements together in your space. This can be done during a weekend, or bit by bit over time. Once you’ve completed your room, congratulate yourself for a job well done!
I’d love to see your results and how you used purple in your bedroom or other rooms — please share them with us on FacebookPinterest, or Instagram (be sure to tag @bgidesigner)!
Bedroom Design Ideas: The Power of Purple | Barbara Gilbert Interiors | Interior Design Dallas

An award-winning bedroom in shades of purple and silver, designed by Barbara Gilbert Interiors.

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