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A Look Forward

We’re into the last quarter of the year and everyone in the design world is already looking ahead. So, what’s going to be trendy this fall and as we go into next year? As designers, we get the inside scoop on what’s coming. We recently attended the Sherwin Williams Colormix 2020 and got a good look at the new trends in color and style. Getting to go to these kinds of events is always exciting. And it’s great to get a fresh new perspective on design! Let’s do a quick recap of the styles for 2020!

Alive is a design full of soothing, classic colors.
Mantra is the definition of zen and modern.
Play is just that. It’s a playful combination that pops without being overwhelming.
Haven’s foundations are sustainability and durability.
Heart is a mix of soft colors and natural influences.

Accompanying these paint combinations are an abundance of natural and sustainable materials. Nowadays a space needs to be as functional and durable as it is beautiful and comfortable. It’s important for us as designers to take in inspiration from other sources, otherwise we’ll never grow or try for designs out of our comfort zones! What inspires you to challenge yourself or move forward in an exciting new direction? Let us know in the comments!

To see the full recap and selection for paint colors for the Sherwin Williams Colormix Color Forecast 2020 click here!

Disclaimer: All images belong to Sherwin Williams.


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