Homeowners and designers use color and design to create an intended atmosphere. Wassily Kandinsky wrote, “Color is a power which directly influences the soul.” The space we’re creating should reflect the people who live inside and positively, deeply impact their soul. To help us find the perfect color to invite into our homes, the top three paint color specialists have released their 2021 Color of the Year!

In no particular order, (insert drum roll…) here they are.









Photo Courtesy of Sherwin-Williams 

Sherwin-Williams 2021 Color of the Year is Urbane Bronze SW 7084. It’s a sophisticatedly, warm brownish-bronze. It brings us down-to-earth and invites the feelings of wholesomeness and friendliness. Brown is a top choice for living room and kitchen walls because it is the color of comfort. When gazing at it, we are drawn in, encouraged to grow roots… to deeply settle in and get comfortable.

With so many of us staying home and working from home, this color brings a tranquility and peacefulness that warms our soul. When we realize the blessings that come from this time of slowing down and breathing deep, Urbane Bronze can be a welcomed friend in our homes. We’ve already been using this hue in projects from last year that are yet to be complete so we are looking forward to adding Urbane Bronze to our portfolio!






Photo Courtesy of Benjamin Moore

By far, blue is the most popular color in the US and this next 2021 Color of the Year by Benjamin Moore, Aegean Teal 2136-40, does not disappoint. Like a warm summer breeze, this teal color almost seems to want to reach out to nourish your spirit. The qualities that this blue brings to the soul are confidence, trust, loyalty, and freedom.

Aegean Teal is perfect for Kitchens and Dining spaces. This soothing color compares to waking up in the Maldives – reflective, shimmering, crystal waters. It has a long-lasting appeal perfect for extravagant entertaining and everyday family dinners. Imagine a statement piece such as a sofa or buffet table in this gorgeous teal.









Pantone choose two complimentary colors this year, Ultimate Gray 17-5104 and Illuminating 13-0647. With all that is happening in the world right now, this color combination brings the grounding gray, solid and practical, together with a sunshine yellow, full of hope and brightness for the new year.

This past BGI project above yielded to this palette in a warmer shade.

These complimenting colors would be perfect for a home office or guest bedroom. This calm gray alongside the fresh, bright yellow will inspire and bring a feeling of happiness to your work or overnight guests. Whether you choose to put the Ultimate Gray on the walls and work in pops of cheerful Illuminating Yellow or you’re more bold, painting a main wall this energizing yellow and then bringing balance in with neutral gray pieces, these two colors are going to be a hit this year. We are definitely looking forward to implementing this color combo in some upcoming projects this year!

What do you think of these 2021 color picks? We’d love to hear your thoughts or, even better, send us a photo of the Color of the Year on a wall or a highlight piece in your home!