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Off the Wall Quartzite Art

How many people does it take to hang a slab of quartzite on the wall? It sounds like a joke, but it’s actually no laughing matter and was recently all in a day’s work. But how did we end up using quartzite art in the first place? We blame the nature of art, and possibly Pablo Picasso.

Picasso once said, “The purpose of art is washing the dust of daily life off our souls.” A beautiful sentiment, but no simple task! Few things are more personal or challenging to select than art – especially when choosing for another.

Many factors must be considered when selecting artwork for a client, from the client’s tastes and desires to the room’s style and design. And customary works of art often won’t do. Something bigger, grander and unusual is often required to fit the space and stir the soul.

This was the case recently when we designed the breakfast room of a stately Moroccan-inspired estate. The home was already striking, but our client wanted a fresh color scheme, an updated design and a “wow ” factor to every room. This had to be no ordinary breakfast room and no ordinary artwork would do!

Enter the slab of quartzite and the answer to the opening question. It takes thirteen men to hang a 1,200 pound slab of quartzite. Thirteen very strong, patient and competent men and one very nervous interior designer!

Wall preparation quartzite art

But first the wall must be prepped, brackets installed and anchored, scaffolding brought in and a special stone epoxy applied to further adhere the quartzite to the wall.

Quartzite Art Installation

Next, the praying begins. Seriously. And the quartzite art is gently kissed by many of the men before they begin lifting and securing it to the wall. Deep breaths are taken, more prayers are said and finally sighs of relief can be heard, which are quickly replaced with inspired oohs and ahhs.

Quartzite art on wall

The slab is now secure and simply breathtaking. Our client is thrilled and so are we! And although there was dust throughout the room that day, we’re guessing Picasso would say our souls were spotless.


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