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Perfecting the Guest Room

Christmas is almost here, which means house guests will soon be arriving as well. If you’re hosting family or friends this year, make the most of their stay and alleviate your stress by being prepared. Here are tips for designing a guest room that makes guests comfortable and welcomes them in style!

Guest Room DressserClear the Clutter. Your guests will need room to place their things, from clothing and shoes to jewelry and toiletries. Clear countertops and floor space, empty dresser drawers if possible or provide a luggage rack if space is available.

Remember the Essentials. A lamp to read by, a motion-sensing night light, a hand mirror and an alarm clock are all nice touches. Not everyone needs them, but guests will appreciate the thought and courtesy.

Stay a Spell. The best way to find out what a room needs is to spend time in it. Read a book, watch TV and lie down on the bed to view the room from the same vantage point your guests will experience. You’ll quickly discover anything needed, from further cleaning to new light bulbs or batteries.

Guest Room LinensFreshen Your Linens. Clean sheets, extra blankets, pillows and towels are the most basic needs of any house guest. Launder them close to your guest’s arrival and you’ll also freshen your home without using allergy-causing air fresheners, candles or potpourri.

Don’t Leave Them Hanging. Purchase an inexpensive over-the-door hook and hangers that can provide storage for hanging clothes. An extra hook in the bathroom is also appreciated for guest towels and robes.

Provide Toiletries. Few things are more appreciated by guests in a hotel room than complimentary toiletries and the same is true for guests in your home. Items are often forgotten in the rush of holiday packing and your guests will be extremely grateful to find you’ve provided for them. A small basket filled with sample-sized shampoo, conditioner, lotion and similar items is a welcomed gift by any house guest.


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