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Visions from Vail

Sometimes it’s impossible to leave work behind. And honestly, who wants to when work involves inspiring design?!

Julie, our Project Manager at BGI, recently vacationed in Vail, Colorado with her family and couldn’t resist taking pictures of the town’s picturesque architecture and design. It was her first time skiing in almost 20 years and she said it was the perfect setting for tumbling down a mountain! She and her family had a great time, and we’re just glad she didn’t break anything!

Here are some interesting moments from Julie’s trip to Vail.


The Vail Marriot Mountain Resort, where opulent textures and rich colors mixed effortlessly with wrought iron and stone to create a rustic elegant interior. I loved the grand scale artwork and chandeliers.


Clock towers were everywhere! But instead of keeping you on schedule, they seemed to transport you back to another time.


The ice rink at the center of Vail Village was nothing short of magical. And outdoor fireplaces and fire pits were around every corner.


Art sculpture? Arguably yes, but it’s actually a playground modeled after birds’ nests! Artist and architect Mike Moore, of Tres Birds Workshop in Denver, created a jungle gym of three pods perched on boulders and connected by slides, rope bridges and nets.


But nothing could compare to the landscape itself!  As always, God is the ultimate creator.

And for those of us with no time for vacations, there are always other ways to relax!

How about you? Where would you like to go on your next vacation? Comment below with your ideas – we’d love to hear them!

Images via: 1) Vail.com, 2) - 5) Julie Whitworth.

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