The Adaptability Of A Flex Room

Rooms, or spaces, available for a number of different functions are called a considered ‘flex rooms.’ Also called a bonus room or multi-purpose room, they can be an entire room or even just a specified area in another room. Subsequently, many homes are creating a flex area into the floor plan – one that is not designated a bedroom. The adaptability of a flex room can be numerous.

The beauty of a flex room is that it provides the homeowner with a plethora of options and flexibility depending on what is going on at that particular time of their life. 

The following are a few ideas for our favorite flex rooms.

1. Home Office

With people still working from home, one spouse monopolizes the office space and the other has to find a place to work. After all, you cannot both be in a Zoom meeting talking at the same time. It gets old fast to finally have everything set up on the dining room table to then have to clean up it all up for dinner. If you have a flex space designated for the second spouse, it can stay out over a period of time, creating a workable option for all. 

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2. Workout Room

There are many benefits to your own home gym: no drive time, no masks, no gym memberships, no waiting in line for equipment, and… you can blast your favorite tunes! You can customize your own gym space (with free or universal weights, a yoga mat and resistance bands, the tried-and-true treadmill, or the newest Peloton bike), take care of your health, and reach your fitness goals all within the comfort of your own home. A great example of the adaptability of a flex room!

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3. Play Room

It’s fun to have a room made to play in while serving duel purposes of keeping all the toys and books corralled. These rooms should be designed to get dirty, have spaces to do different projects, and be organized in a way to clean up easily. A few ideas for spaces within the room are an area with pillows or beanbags to curl up with a good book, a table to spread out a puzzle or project, storage areas with easy to hide organizing bins or drawers, good lighting for reading, designated space for board games, puzzles, crafts and dress up, and even a teepee, tent or fort for using the imagination. 

4. Hobby Room

Turn your flex room into a space for your favorite hobby. Let your creativity run wild in this space dedicated to do what you love. Ideas include a craft room, music room, fly tying room, wrapping presents, building projects, recording studio… you name it. One must-have for a hobby room is lots of countertop space to spread your projects out. Consider varying the height of the work surfaces from thirty-six inch counter to work from while standing to thirty inches when sitting down. Therefore, another thought when planning for your hobby room, is to think ahead to allow for adequate cabinetry to store your materials, good lighting, and electric socket placements.  

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5. Library / Learning Area

With thousands of kids schooling from home, a learning area can be set up with multiple chairs or workstations. Therefore, keeping things organized is important to plan for before you even get started. Plan out where you will keep items for access to all using this space. Therefore, creating a smooth-flowing layout for easy accessibility, and multiple technical aspects your family needs in this space.  This is a great place for shelves to display your home book collections nurturing education, discovery, and personal growth.

6. Media Room / Man Cave

Who wouldn’t want their own home theatre? This space can be used for teens inviting their friends over as a game room or to watch a movie. It can also be a music room with a top-notch sound system, or a man cave including a refreshment bar.  Particularly, socializing with friends or immediate family is a perfect use for this kind of flex room. 

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A flex room can be set up in different ways throughout the lifetime of the space. For now, it can be used for working or schooling from home and later a media room for the kids. As the kids leave home, you can transform it to a workout room for you and your spouse. As well as, down the road, a playroom for the grandkids.  Any way you look at it, a flex room boosts value to your home and allows you to meet the current needs of your family.  Nevertheless, the adaptability of a flex room is endless.

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