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Summer is Near!

What’s that? The sound of birds chirping, lawn mowers droning, and ice clinking into glasses of sweet tea as people gather on breezy patios instead of in cozy living rooms. Summer is near! As the new season approaches, more time is being spent outdoors than indoors. But how much time does anyone want to spend on an outdoor space that has lived its life?

Designing, or redoing, an outdoor space can feel like a huge undertaking. What kind of seating would best suit the space? How durable does the furniture and fabric need to be? Should durability be sacrificed for cost? So many factors! Here is a simple list to consider when looking at furnishing an outdoor space:

  1. Comfort is as important as aesthetic.
  2. Quality will save you money and time in the long run.
  3. Stick to neutrals and natural colors, use accessories for those brighter pops of color.
  4. Nature is filled with textures and patterns, don’t be afraid to use them!

Here’s a sneak peak of an outdoor space designed by BGI. This space is full of textures and patterns, but adding color in fun furniture pieces can be a great layer to an otherwise largely neutral design. The blue fabrics used in this design are from the Kravet Ralph Lauren line and are UV resistant while remaining soft and beautiful.

Various textiles and surfaces dance through the space and beg the attention of visitors, calling them outside.  But the abundance of comfortable seating makes it a space family and friends could stay for hours.

An outdoor patio should serve as either a dining space, a fully functioning living space, or both to extend the livable area of a home. Large openings are more often being incorporated into homes so that the extension of entertainment space is as seamless as possible.

Summer may be near, but there is still time to create that backyard paradise of your dreams!

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