Remodeling Realities: Add Style,Value with Home Gym

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This is part of a series called Remodeling Realities. We’re looking at all the moving parts of a home remodel, from how to choose an interior designer and general contractor to picking flooring and finishing touches. Read the last post in the series here and stay tuned for them all!

A home gym has major appeal for many people, and they want to add one during a remodel. It makes sense: the convenience of a home gym makes any fitness plan easier and less time-consuming. As a bonus, it is in the top three when it comes to specialty rooms that buyers look for when they’re buying a house.

A home gym is also an opportunity to carry the look and feel of the rest of the home into a new space. And yes — a home gym can look great! Read on to find our how.

Where to put a home gym

If you have one spare room in your house, picking where your gym will be located is pretty straightforward. If you’re lucky enough to have multiple options, pick the biggest space available. Equipment tends to be bulky and you’ll want plenty of room for moving around.

If you don’t have a spare room, you can consider converting your garage. These tend to be on the larger side in North Texas and can be transformed into a spacious gym. I’m also seeing people building on an extension specifically for this purpose, which can add value because of the additional square footage.

Benefits of a home gym

There are so many benefits to a home gym, the obvious one being that you don’t have to leave your home and it’s available 24/7. With recessed speakers and television, time exercising can be entertaining. You’re also in close proximity of the bathroom and kitchen to take a shower and grab a post-workout snack. If you choose to sell your property, a home gym is a selling point for a certain segment of buyers, which could lead to a larger sale price.

Make your home gym look great

I’ve seen some unfortunate home gyms where interior design is an obvious afterthought. There’s no reason why this part of the home can’t offer function and style. Because this is a room of energy and movement, keep the color palette light and use plenty of lights — an accent wall in a dynamic color would work well here, too. Flooring should be impermeable and easily cleaned, like tile, laminate, or a durable and well-sealed hardwood. Floor-to-ceiling mirrors will make the room feel bigger and enhance a workout by allowing you to focus on proper form.

With the new year just around the corner, keep your resolution to be the best you by creating a home gym in your 2019 remodel. It’s an investment you’ll be happy to have made.

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