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LED Lighting in Interior Design

A quiet revolution is underway, but this often overlooked revolution is producing big results. In fact, some people are calling it the most exciting change in lighting since Thomas Edison introduced the light bulb over 130 years ago!

LEDs (light-emitting diodes) are transforming the lighting industry, and are expected to change the way we light our world. LEDs use at least 85% less energy than incandescent bulbs, last more than 25 times longer than traditional bulbs, contain no mercury and produce very little heat. They also emit virtually no UV or infrared radiation, and they gradually fade out over a long period of time rather than burning out all at once.

Recent advances in technology have also greatly altered LEDs. The diodes’ once cold, bluish light has been replaced by any color and temperature of light desired. A soft yellow light similar to incandescent lighting is achieved with a low Kelvin color temperature. Manufacturing costs are steadily decreasing, and LEDs are now available in countless forms, from bulbs and light tubes to light strings and strips.

Flexible and easy to install, new applications for LEDs are constantly emerging. The end result is safer, more energy efficient and more dramatic designs and interiors. Here are just a few ways we’ve recently used LED lighting and some ideas for your home. Join the revolution!

LED Lighting Projects

LED lighting in interior design

LEDs highlight reclaimed timber beams on the ceiling in this family room, and cast a soft light from above. The modern and rustic elements blend beautifully, adding warmth and visual depth to the space.

LED Lighting in Interior Design

A built-in bookcase becomes anything but ordinary with the installation of a metallic grasscloth wallcovering and LED accent lighting. The LED lighting gleams off the grasscloth and showcases a variety of personal treasures.

LED Lighting in Interior Design

LED lighting, placed under the cabinets at the toe kick, provides a nightlight effect in this serene master bath. An additional LED at the height of the architectural arch adds impact and further task lighting.

LED Lighting in Interior Design

A dark cork wallcovering is illuminated by LED accent lights, creating the perfect backdrop for white accessories and built-in shelves.

LED Lighting in Interior Design

LED lighting in all the right places gives this contemporary kitchen a light and airy atmosphere. The lights illuminate the glass uppers and accent tile over the cooktop for a dramatic effect. The cabinets and toe kick are also lighted, but from beneath, to add safety and task lighting to improve function.


Source of Images: Barbara Gilbert Interiors


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