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7 Interior Design Resolutions for 2017

A New Year means time for some new ideas. How about making interior design resolutions to create a happier, healthier home for you and your family? I’ve got 7 interior design resolutions for you that will make 2017 a great year.


1. Take More Chances with Color & Patterninterior design resolutions

If you tend to go back to your same tried and true color palette and matching patterns, consider breaking out of your comfort zone. You can create an inspired color palette for just one room, or your whole home, based on nature, a work of art, or a pretty picture you love. Take it to the next level with something new and you’ll be happy all year long!


2. Use Low- or No-VOC Paintsinterior design resolutions

VOCs, or volatile organic compounds, are nasty things found in house paint. These solvents are released into the air as the paint dries. In the short term, they can cause headaches, dizziness, and nauseation. In the long term, they are thought to be cancer-causing, and perhaps be behind some chronic, serious diseases.

Most major brands offer a low- or no-VOC paint formula that doesn’t cost much more than the toxic stuff. Make this a priority for a happier, healthier family.


3. Buy Less, But Betterinterior design resolutions

We live in a world of major consumerism and a “buy, buy, buy” mentality. But oftentimes, the things we buy for our home end up creating clutter. Consider your purchases carefully and make one great purchase instead of three average ones. That could mean saving up for the truly fabulous throw you’ve been wanting, instead of buying one that will do. Or maybe you can replace multiple items with one marvelous thing that will make your heart sing. Take the New Year to strive for simple elegance as one of your interior design resolutions.


4. Refresh Your LookInterior Design Resolutions

If your living room, kitchen, or bedroom have looked the same for years, shake things up and refresh one of the spaces. This could mean a new coat of paint, rotating out accessories, reupholstering a piece of furniture, or bringing in new art. You might even do something like paint the ceiling! This kind of refresh will make your room sing, and keep you inspired in 2017.


5. Think Sustainable Designinterior design resolutions

We live in a world with limited resources, so make sustainable design one of your interior design resolutions for the New Year. Use natural, renewable elements wherever you can, like reclaimed beams. Investing in energy conserving methods around your home is another smart idea.  You’ll not only be helping the planet, but also saving money on your energy bills.


6. Edit, Edit, Editinterior design resolutions

Clutter is the enemy of a beautiful, happy home. Take time to edit your accessories, furniture choices, and overall look to create a streamlined look. You can rotate things in and out seasonally, or give away a box to Goodwill. Either way, you’ll appreciate having less, but enjoying more.


7. Listen to your instincts Interior Design Resolutions

My final interior design resolution for 2017 would be to listen to your instincts when it comes to your home. We all have intuition that tells us if something looks off, like if a paint color is just too much something or a piece of furniture is too large. Listen to that voice when in doubt and consult an interior designer if you want professional assistance.


I hope you have a wonderful and beautiful New Year and you enjoy these interior design resolutions. If you have another one to share, please leave a comment below!



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