Holiday Gift Ideas from an Interior Designer

Christmas will be here in the blink of an eye and it’s time to get gifts ordered for your loved ones, extended family, friends, and neighbors. If you’re like most people, though, it can be tough to know what to give.

That is why we’ve come up with gift ideas for all of those on your list as well as the essentials you’ll need for hosting guests. We have gifts for her and gifts for him, gifts for kids, gifts ideas for design enthusiasts, and even suggestions for white elephant gifts. So, let’s get started!

Holiday Gift Ideas

There are superb ideas for your own family members in this list, but there are also perfect holiday gifts listed here for your grown kids’ families, the in-laws, extended family, neighbors, girlfriend gift swap, teachers, coaches, postal worker, or whomever is on your list. In a normal, non-pandemic world we have holiday work parties to attend and gifts to buy. If you need thoughtful ideas for work gift exchange, your boss, clients, the office administration, and more, look no further.

· Specialty Gift Boxes

· Board Games

· Matching Family Pajamas

· Scrumptious Candles

· Polaroid Camera and Film

· Gift Cards

View all holiday gift suggestions HERE.

Holiday Home Essentials

Having holiday company over requires a little extra planning, preparing, and serving. Make sure your kitchen is ready as well as your essential hostess helpers.

· Pressure Cooker and all the accessories

· Serving Platters and Trays

· Recipe Holder

· Coasters

· Party Glassware for Drinks or Desserts

· Holiday Tea Towels

Browse the Holiday Home Essential list HERE.

Holiday Decorating

It may be the year to do Christmas updating. That old holiday rug for a new one. The ten-year-old bulbs for a hot new color. Plus, every kid needs an ornament in their stocking this year.

· Pillows

· Rugs

· Ornaments and Bulbs

· Stockings

If you’re seeking decorations or ornament ideas for this Christmas, take a look HERE.

Gifts for Her

You won’t be disappointed by this hand-picked list for the woman who has everything. Gifts for all types of women including grandmothers, mothers, mother-in-laws, wives, daughters, sisters, girlfriends, and friends. We’ve thought of unique and personal gifts.

· Purses and Totes

· Perfume and Candles

· A Sweater

· Jewelry

· Athletic Wear

· Work Help

· The Latest Tech

Shop the whole list and more HERE.

Gifts for Him

It can be difficult to find the perfect gift for the men in our lives. In most cases, our men get the things they want when they need them. Take some time to browse the gift recommendations for our husbands, dads, grandpas, father-in-laws, sons, boyfriends, son-in-laws, brothers, and friends.

· The Latest Tech

· Athletic Shorts

· Pressure Washer

· Shaving Supplies & Razor

· Cooling Blanket

· Tools, Items for Grilling, or a Multitool

· Sport Equipment

See all the gifts for men HERE.

Gifts for Children

Christmas is a magical time in the eyes of our children. Sometimes kids can get overwhelmed by too many gifts. There is a guideline some families go by, it’s called the ‘4 Gift Rule’. You limit the number of gifts you buy them (and each other) to four gifts.

1. Something you want

2. Something you need

3. Something you wear

4. Something you read

Included in our gifts for kids list are:

· Top Electronics and Accessories

· Fun Board Games to Play

· Special Ornaments

· Pajamas and Slippers

· Book Sets

Take a peek at our kid gift items HERE.

Gifts for Design Enthusiasts

For the holidays you may want to beautify your home for special guests. Fluffy pillows for the guest bedroom and fresh new towel sets in the bathroom would be a treat for your company.

If not for your own home, a beautiful décor element could be the perfect gift for a Secret Santa or your mother-in-law.

· Bath Updates

· Guest Bedroom Items

· Candles

· Lamps

Find your Design Enthusiasts gift list HERE.

White Elephant Gift Ideas

We’ve all gone to Christmas parties where we’re asked to bring a white elephant gift. There have been some crazy ridiculous white elephant gifts we’ve seen including an old Barbie with hairy legs and a sandwich with a bite taken out of it. If you’d like to bring a classy gift that won’t be over-the-top, we recommend the following:

· Ornaments

· Soaps

· Hand Creams

· Candy Baskets

· Coffee Table Games

· Coffee Cup or Mug

Check out the ideas for perfect white elephant gifts (that won’t make you cringe) right HERE.

Personal & Adventure Gifts

In years to come, odds are that most of us won’t remember most of the gifts we received. What we WILL remember are the memories from that time; the things we do together. We’ll remember the hot chocolate shared by the fireplace in our pajamas, the Christmas story being read before we were tucked into bed, and the smile of the face of the ones we love. We’ll remember the adventure trekking to the sledding hill, building a snow fort, and decorating the tree.

Here are a few more ideas to share the gift of time:

· Make a gift book of fun things to do during Christmas break.

· Create a scavenger hunt around town.

· Have a snowman building contest.

· Make Christmas cookies together.

· Go skiing or ice skating.

· Go on an adventure date as a family – find an indoor skydiving place, horseback riding, or other adventure with the whole family.

· If you’re traveling, have each member of your family choose a special place to see or meal to stop for.

** Special Note: Please remember to set a budget for your Christmas gifts, including travel, and then stick to it. There is no need to go into debt (see this last suggestion to create special time rather than purchase more). If you’re not already budgeting throughout the year, set a New Year’s goal to start in January.

Please share in the comments below if you have a suggestion that we don’t have on our list AND if you are giving any of the special items that we recommend on our lists.

Happy shopping!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from the BGI Team!

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Amy Guess, Allied ASID
BGI Principal Designer