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Furniture Design in Dallas

Have you ever found yourself in the middle of a furniture store feeling confused, overwhelmed and frustrated? You’re not alone!

Selecting the right furniture for your home from row after row of furniture options is a daunting task for almost everyone. But you don’t have to, nor should you, shop for furniture that way!

Custom Furniture Design in Dallas

Interior designers offer a professional assessment of your home and your furniture needs, from style to color to size. And clients have access to exclusive, custom lines of furnishings unavailable to the general public. Custom furniture lines also help create a home or business that reflects your unique style, and all without stepping foot in a furniture store!

Fabric Resource Room

Custom Fabrics at Barbara Gilbert Interiors

Can custom furniture design in Dallas save me money?

Barbara Gilbert is a founder and managing partner of Dallas DesignWorks, an interior design cooperative created in 2010 to pool the buying power of multiple designers. Through Dallas DesignWorks, our clients have access to exclusive, custom lines of furnishings and fabrics at furniture store prices.

Blue geometric chairs

Custom Furniture Lines

We assist you in selecting and purchasing everything you need to complete your interior design project and help you avoid costly mistakes, plus save you time and money!

Custom Furniture Delivery and Installation

Interior designers also oversee delivery and installation of your purchases. Upon delivery to a receiving warehouse, your purchases are inspected to make sure they are blemish free prior to being delivered to your home or business.

Designers then oversee the complete installation of all purchases, taking the guess work out of furniture arrangement. And that beats furniture shopping anytime!


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