Front Door Roundup

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TheFront Door Roundup. The front door is part of your home’s curb appeal and the first impression someone has of your home. As people drive by or walk up to it, it makes a statement – whether good or bad. Therefore the front door holds so much possibility of what might lie behind it – a friendly family, secure safety, deep conversations, warm meals, refreshing slumber, and more.

The anatomy of a door consists of three parts. The first is the door slab which includes the rails and panels, the lock system, hinges, and optional glass portion. The second is the door sill which is at the bottom (that you step on or over). Often called the threshold or gateway, the sill prevents water from entering under the door. Third, the frame, sometimes called a jamb, that holds the door securely to the walls.

Like me, you’ve probably seen some doors you love. In fact, I sometimes go out of my way driving somewhere so that I can appreciatively gaze at my favorite door. Subsequently, there are doors that stand out and say, “Here I am!”, doors that fulfill their responsibility (open, close, lock), and some doors that need some help, but today we’ll look at some doors that dazzle.  

We love you, bright, bold colored doors in Front Door Roundup. Obviously they catch your eye and make you take a second look. Bright, bold doors are not a passing fad; they are here to stay. And we are here for it!

With just a coat or two of paint, you can give the front of your home a whole new look. Do you dare? Most of our clients opt for neutral front doors in the following styles however…

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Oh, so interesting – They don’t sell this door at Home Depot. This is special ordered from a high-end door company. It is unique, it stands apart, and as an interior designer, what I believe ALL doors should do – add to the home’s architecture. 

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This design is almost mesmerizing, drawing me in. If I were walking up to this house for the first time, I would be thinking, “With such a beautiful front door, I cannot wait to see what the INSIDE of this house looks like!”

Here’s a pivot door with a view from the inside from a newly finished lake house in Tyler. What do you think? It’s probably our favorite style of front door at the moment!

Contemporary Pivot Door

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The strong and steady – Unless you own a bulldozer, you are not breaking into the house through this door. This one reminds me of a high-end, grown-up, classy, Hobbit door. It is strong and yet sophisticated. It is big and bold.  

Like a beautiful archway or staircase, this door is a featured piece in this home. When giving a tour to family or friends (if I owned this house), this door would be a stopping spot to gaze at while sharing a detailed history of how we choose it, what type of wood it is, and more. 

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The bright – Let the light shine in! This front entry is bathed in natural light. Depending on the level of privacy you want, there are many alternatives to clear glass such as decorative or textured glass. This is a completely custom double steel door for our clients in Fairview. This much glass does take some planning as far as privacy is concerned!

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Doors of glass bring the out-of-doors in. They make the room feel like it’s bigger than it is, obviously the outside space is an extension of the room. This front entry feels twice as big as it is.  


Those were a few of our favorites in Front Door Roundup, now try this…

Drive by your own house and look at the front door. Rank your door from 1-10. What did you give it? 

Therefore – if it’s not a ‘10’ – answer these questions:

What small thing can you do to improve your front door? Does it need a fresh coat of stain or paint? Does it need a whole new color to jazz it up? Do you need to accentuate the front door with a shapely planter or cozy chairs? Consequently, is it time to upgrade your door altogether?

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