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Home Organization with Tonia Tomlin | Interior Design Dallas | Barbara Gilbert Interiors
An organized home is a happy home. In my work as a Dallas interior designer, I often recommend a home organizer to make rooms more livable, functional, and beautiful.
I’ve been working with Tonia Tomlin for ten years. She’s a compassionate and passionate professional organizer and founder of Sorted Out. For more than 14 years, Tonia has been making life easier for her clients by creating calm, uncluttered business and home environments; improving productivity; and saving time and money.
I use Sorted Out to help clients in many areas of their home, from closet design and functionality to lining and protecting new spaces. She also helps out by re-organizing existing spaces, such as closets, pantries, and garages.
I sat down with Tonia Tomlin to ask her a few questions about home organization and effective solutions for this week’s blog post.
Home Organization with Tonia Tomlin | Interior Design Dallas | Barbara Gilbert Interiors
Barbara Gilbert: What are the most common “problem areas” in a house?
Tonia Tomlin: The most problems areas in the homes we work in are home offices and closets. Busy professionals don’t have the time to allocate to organizing and setting up systems for long-term use. We as organizers are looking for efficient ways to set up a home office or closet to help people save time, money, and stress.
BG: What kind of solutions do you commonly advise?
TT: We recommend our custom solutions to fit the clients needs and desires. Everyone organizes differently so all of our systems are custom fit.
BG: What’s your philosophy or organization?
TT: We believe that everyone can be organized with our custom solutions. Our compassion for organization goes much more beyond the “stuff.” We are certified in chronic disorganization and ADD/ADHD. Through our techniques, we have found we are much more than just organizers. We are caring individuals, sharing our love for organization and ideas to help people get and stay organized!
BG: How can people better stay organized once you’ve visited?
TT: With our maintenance systems we help people stay organized with our tools we provide. Some tend to slip a little but that’s ok — it’s normal due to our chaotic world. But most of the time, our clients are able to keep up with the systems we provide.
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