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Bedroom Interior Design Ideas

Bedroom Interior Design Ideas

When it comes to choosing bedding for a client’s home, there are numerous details that come into play. In truth, only the designer and workroom that creates the bedding know how much time and effort goes into the process, but here’s a taste of what’s involved.

Bedroom Interior Design – Beginning the custom bedding process.

The first step in creating custom bedding is determining the client’s style and needs. Preferred colors, patterns and finishes are all considered. For example, are extravagant trims desired or a less complicated design, such as self welts and fabric flange which are more popular today.

Bedroom Interior Design – How is the fabric selected?

Blue Bedroom

Next, the fabric must be selected while considering the room’s other elements and client’s desires. In the case above, we absolutely fell in love with the coverlet fabric and it became our source of inspiration. Usually, fabrics for the duvet cover, shams, toss pillows and dust ruffle are selected from several different companies in order to create the perfect palette. And patterns at different scales as well as solids are selected to create a pleasing ensemble for your bedroom interior design project.

Bedroom Interior Design – Creating the design.

After selecting the fabrics, the design of the actual bedding begins! We team up with the workroom to lay everything out and select final trims keeping in mind that simple, transitional design is timeless.

In a recent design, we used the solid fabrics to create trims and flange on the pillows and coverlet edge while selecting one very unique trim for a small detail on the throw pillows. Because flange tends to fall over when on pillows, we had crinoline put inside the flange to prevent this. Just a small detail that makes a huge difference!

Of course, a room’s existing décor and furnishings are a factor in the design. In the project below, the chair, bench, window treatments and canopy were all already present, and we were able to find fabrics for the bedding that correlated perfectly!

Bedroom with Canopy

Now that the design and fabrics have been selected, we can order all the needed materials. Unfortunately, back orders due to shortages in stock can occur and another fabric must be selected. This is always frustrating since we have already found the perfect fabric for the project! But, there is always a good alternative.

Dallas Interior Design Team… Off to the workroom!

Once the workroom receives all the materials, the work begins right away. And once done, the final product is always beautiful and something the client can call uniquely theirs!

white and gray bedding

I have to say, working on the projects pictured above made me have quite a bit of bedding envy!


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