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Artwork as Unique as You

What’s even more distinctive than custom furniture? Custom artwork!

Once only attainable by royals, rulers and the elite, commissioned art can now be a reality for any art lover.  And creating a one-of-kind work of art, inspired by your imagination and made exclusively for you, is an amazing experience that continues every time you view the piece.

We recently worked with clients that desired unique works of art for their home and introduced them to one of our favorite galleries – La Montage Fine Art.  La Montage, a to the trade gallery, houses an extensive collection of hand painted and custom art in every genre. Their eclectic selection also includes painted tapestries, hand blown glass, custom mirror and wood assemblages. Basically, any item you could want to adorn your walls!


Our clients were taken by the works of artist Blakely Bering, a noted colorist that intricately layers oil on canvas and uses powdered pigments and crushed metals to achieve frozen movement. We commissioned a collection of hand painted oils from Ms. Bering to be displayed in our clients’ powder bath.


After discussing our clients’ desires and the room’s existing color palette and size, the artist created three stunning works of art in rich hues of red, brown, cream and gold. The artwork highlights the room’s existing granite vanity top and works exquisitely with the newly installed custom mirror frame and wallpaper. We love the wallpaper we chose for the room as well. It has a pearlescent quality that is mimicked in the artwork and gives the room a regal feel.


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