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A Stunning Transformation

If there’s one thing I’ve learned during my years as an interior designer, it’s the key to successful design in often “thinking outside the box.” Solutions to design dilemmas are seldom obvious, and this was certainly the case with a recent bathroom remodeling project.

Knowing our client desired a luxurious and glamorous master bath, I was on the hunt for the perfect crystal chandelier to suspend over the bathtub. Of course, the location for the lighting fixture required something fairly small, which most chandeliers are not! I needed the fixture to measure 18” x 18”, but couldn’t find what I was looking for anywhere.

Thankfully, we thought of Pettigrew Luxury Furnishings! When I told Jim Palmer, Pettigrew’s Lighting Director, what I needed, he immediately pulled out the base pictured.

I must admit, if I hadn’t known Jim and Pettigrew’s reputations, I would have run out the door! Pettigrew is known for creating one-of-a-kind light fixtures and Jim loves the challenge of creating signature pieces for clients.

Jim showed me different types of crystals and I found exactly what I wanted. He even offered to paint the flat side of the large crystals to match the finish of the metal we were using in the other bathroom fixtures. I gave him a sample of the Kohler hardware colors, and voila! He matched them.

As you can see, the finished product is exquisite and exactly what we hoped to find. It will cast sparkling light throughout the bathroom and create a dazzling effect, giving our client the master bathroom of their dreams.

The room is almost complete, so stay tuned! More pictures will come soon.


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