7 No-Fail Greige Paints

When some people are choosing neutral paint colors, they think beige looks too much like a Band-Aid and gray is a little to trendy.
Enter greige, the paint color taking the interior design world by storm!
Greige is a beautiful blend of gray and beige, a welcoming neutral that feels more modern than beige, which is often overused and too yellow, and less industrial than gray, which can feel cold.
I’ve been using greige for several years in my interior design work with BGI Design, and I couldn’t be more happy with the results.
But finding that perfect greige takes some effort—in addition to color requirements, I always look for low-VOC, eco-friendly paints. This is particularly important when you’re painting interior spaces, where toxic fumes can harm your family and pets (and linger for months!).
Here are my picks for the seven best greige paint colors for your home. (Be sure to ask for low- or no-VOC formulas—most companies offer that option now.)
Drop Cloth by Farrow & Ball: As the folks at Farrow & Ball explain, Drop Cloth is a darker version of both Shaded White and Shadow White, acting as the strongest hue in the group to complete this trio of colors that work in any style of home to give a classic look. It reads neither too yellow nor too grey, making it the perfect color for those who are wary of the fashion for grey and avoid tones that are too cream. All Farrow & Ball paints are zero or low VOC with low fumes.
Steel Me by PPG Paints: This paint color is part of the reds family, and has a touch of rose in the beige/gray mix. This has a creamy, soft feel, and is an excellent greige for rooms with reds in the decor—it will imperceptibly enhance those hues and make the whole room feel cohesive and coordinated. Their Wonder-Pure interior latex paints are zero VOC and low-fume.
Silver Drop by Behr: This falls more in the gray continuum of greige paints, and is an elegant, classic look for any room. It is warm and inviting, yet refined and light. I recommend Behr Premium Plus Interior, a zero VOC, low odor, self-priming paint.
Useful Gray by Sherwin-Williams: This paint works great in rooms with woods of all tones—it has slight green and yellow undertones in it, which really help them pop. The overall feel is crisp and bright. Their  ProMar 200 Zero VOC interior latex paint are certified for low chemical emissions, and their Harmony are a zero VOC formula that help reduce common indoor odors—it contains new technology that helps improve indoor air quality by reducing VOC levels from potential sources like carpet, cabinets, and fabrics.
City Street by PPG Paints: This is a darker greige for those seeking a little more drama in their neutral room color. It is inspired by a coastal-themed vacation, and is part of a family of  beiges, light blues, and greys that evoke this landscape. City Street allows the opportunity to incorporate other colors from your travels to brighten up the space. It is part of the Regional Collection called Up North.
Wish by Benjamin Moore: This color is part of the Affinity Color collection, and is a popular choice by Benjamin Moore. It is truly a neutral greige, light and bright, and works well in any room. I recommend using their Natura paint, which is zero VOC, zero emissions, and zero harsh fumes, making it a safer choice for your family and the environment.
Polished Limestone by Glidden: With green and yellow undertones, Polished Limestone has an earthy, fresh feel that works great in kitchens or any room with natural wood. Their Premium interior latex paint is zero VOC and low fume.


BGI would now add to this grouping the following paint colors…

  • Repose Gray SW 7015
  • On The Rocks SW 7671
  • Worldly Gray SW 7043