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6 Timeless Design Trends

It can be easy to get confused by interior design trends — what’s hot and what’s not? What will look great in five years, and what will seem dated?

This is a real question for people looking to update their home. Interior design is an investment, especially bigger pieces like furniture and art. You don’t want to have to be replacing these every few years because they’ve gone out of fashion.

Luckily, there are timeless design trends you can adopt in your home that will never go out of fashion. Here’s a roundup of my favorite six.

1. Clean lines

design trends

A tailored look with clean lines always looks good. It creates a sophisticated, elegant look that can be updated with more trendy elements or colors over time. By changing out pillows or other accessories, you can change the look and feel of a room against the backdrop of this timeless style.

One place to focus on clean lines is larger pieces of furniture, like couches and chairs. Smaller accessories tend to be more replaceable as trends change. But a tailored sectional, for example, will provide a classic backdrop for years to come.

2. Serene bedrooms

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No matter the era or design trends, a serene bedroom is always a win. This can be achieved through the use of soothing colors, beautiful fabrics, soft lighting, and lots of throw pillows. A seating area near the bed enhances the look with a small blanket or throw pillow.

Color is so important in bedrooms, and I’m intrigued by the psychology of color and how it affects us. People tend to think of their home’s color palette as a pretty accessory. But the colors they choose have a real impact on work, play, and life in general. Blue colors, for example, tend to be soothing, like other earth colors—this is the color of the sky. Blues make people feel calm. It’s a cool color, so it will bring your perceived temperature down.

Greens also make for an excellent choice for bedrooms: As another earth color, green is calming—think grassy lawns and trees with their summer leaves. A light green, like in the bedroom above, makes for a serene space.

3. Built-in Shelves

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Built-ins create storage, display opportunities, and a polished look in any room. They can be re-styled and re-staged as trends change. In the example above, I played with color and texture by making the backdrop of the built-ins a blue color, and styling with colorful vases that add visual interest. If the homeowners want a change, they can easily rearrange or try out something new.

4. Soaker tubs

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Soaker tubs are a luxury in any bathroom and are appreciated for their timeless elegance and relaxing potential. You can’t go wrong with a beautiful soaker tub in your master bathroom. In the example above, clean lines and a contemporary look make this soaker tub stand out and look marvelous.

5. Dramatic chandeliers

6 Interior Design Trends in Dallas

Sparkly, dramatic chandeliers are a classic design element that always look marvelous in your dining room, living room, entryway, or even a bathroom. They catch the eye and provide a focal point in any room.

I like chandeliers because they have a way of adding an impressive element to any space, especially unexpected ones, like the kitchen or master bathroom.

6. Elegant entryways

Entryway Design

The entryway is the first thing people see when they walk into your home and it should make a statement. Aim for elegance in your entryway design style, and you’ll always be on-trend. I like to include a console table of some sort, eye-catching art, a patterned rug, and perhaps a plant or vase of some sort.

What are your favorite timeless design trends? Leave us a comment!



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