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When desiring a fresh or updated look, few people can afford to purchase all new furnishings and decor. And even if you could, why would you when so many pieces can be repurposed to work with the new design?

Favorite pieces or those with sentimental value are part of what makes a house a home. Plus, repurposing is good for the environment, not to mention your wallet!

We recently worked with some amazing clients that had relocated to Texas from Colorado. Although they had settled in, the family still didn’t feel at home in their new house. The home didn’t reflect their style and taste, nor did it fully meet their needs. They wanted an updated family room and a formal living room that could serve as a library, yet be warm and family-friendly. As always, we began the design process by taking inventory of which items they wanted to reuse and developed a plan to integrate them into the new design.

Before: Formal Living Room (Library)

Before: Formal Living Room (Library)

Two armchairs from the family room were moved to the new library and repurposed as cozy, comfortable reading chairs. Two table lamps from the family room were also moved to the library, where we traded out the existing shades with new ones that offered a cleaner, more contemporary look. Various accessories were reused in the room as well.


After: Library

To complete the library, a custom sofa and ottoman were designed to complement the color palette of the repurposed armchairs. A custom built-in with bookshelves was added along one wall to provide more function to the space. And custom artwork and draperies were installed to perfect the room’s elegant, but casual look where the family can comfortably gather.

Before: Family Room

Before: Family Room

In the family room, an armoire that had been in the family for generations was repurposed from the formal living room to add balance to the space. The existing window treatments were also worked into the new design as well as the room’s beautiful woodwork. Grasscloth wallpaper was installed to the back of the shelves to brighten the space and give the accessories more presence. And the fireplace became the room’s true focal point by painting the wall surrounding the mantel a darker shade to provide contrast and draw the eye.

After: Family Room

After: Family Room

Next, the television was moved to a central location above the mantel for better viewing. In its former place, upper cabinets were added to the custom built-in and a serving bar was created below. Custom sofas and armchairs were designed to complement the space and give the room a fresh, transitional style, and a custom-made storage ottoman was added to provide additional seating and storage. Finally, new artwork was added, along with a small number of accessories intermingled with those on hand, to complete the room.

Our clients finally feel at home and we couldn’t be happier!


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